She Tells Her Sister To Not Get A Dog When She Has A Baby, She Doesn’t Listen To Her


Way back in 2007, one Imgur user told her sister to not get a puppy after she had a baby but what she didn’t know was that the dog and her niece would become true BFFs.

From the day that the girl was born, it was the black Labrador who was always by her side. Occasionally, the dog would eat the baby’s cookies but apart from that their friendship was over the top.

When the girl started to grow a little bit older, the two of them made a Sunday tradition to watch morning cartoons together and no matter what they were doing, they were inseparable.

“They’re pretty much the bestest friends ever and I’m eating my words.”

Now, after some years the dog started aging and getting a gray “beard”. But still he is very loved from the family. How can you not love a dog that allows being dressed like a princess just to please his lifetime friend?

After 10 years of being together, the aging canine got some benign tumors removed and while he is recovering, the girl is not leaving his side. True friendship never fails.


This is the puppy that they got back in 2007.


At that time, they didn’t know that the dog and the girl would become besties.


When she grew older, they started their new tradition, watching morning cartoons together.


Whatever they were doing they were always together.


They walked to school together too.


“They’re pretty much the bestest friends ever and I’m eating my words”


Then, the dog started to show signs of aging and getting a gray “beard.”


But he still dressed as a princess to make his friend happy.


This year, the aging canine got some benign tumors removed.


She never leaves his side still.


If this isn’t friendship, I don’t know honestly what is.



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