Doctor Steps In To Tell Bad News To Patient, But Then Reveals His True Identity

Doctor Steps In To Tell Bad News To Patient, But Then Reveals His True Identity 1

There exists one sentence that can permanently change someone’s life for the worse or for good. That sentence is “You have been diagnosed with cancer”. The diagnosis is usually followed by grueling chemotherapy sessions and constant worry and sadness.

One such woman whose life was changed thanks to cancer is Mary Glasure. Last year in 2016, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she was getting ready for chemotherapy at the Tony Teramana Cancer Center in Steubenville, Ohio, USA.

doctor 1

She was there as her cancer spread to her spine, left breast and left lung, and she was waiting to speak to a doctor about what could be done regarding her condition. As the doctor w ks in, and says that they should hurry as he has a lunch appointment to get to, he takes off his mask and it turns out to be Mary’s son Corey, who had been serving as an active duty Marine for the last two years.

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As you would expect, Mary was quite surprised. She broke into tears after we hear the comment “That was awesome” and then proceeds to hug her “baby boy”.

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She asked him “Why did you come now?”, to which Corey responded with a simple but echoing “Because I had to.”

“It was like a dream come true for mum.” Corey stated.

You just can’t put a price on support from your family when it comes to battling a disease, can you?

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