Diva Look-A-Like Making Waves Working As A Stone Mason

Diva Look-A-Like Making Waves Working As A Stone Mason


Twenty-five-year-old Norwegian, Lisa-Marie Sommerstad has been working as a stone mason for four years and is now branching into politics. Her main goal is to attract more women to take up these ‘male dominated’ professions.
Her Instagram photos do not necessarily speak of a girl laying bricks one of after the other throughout the day.
In fact, she looks so damn well that some would think that she is an A-list model, having brunches and cocktails every afternoon and clubbing until late.

This is where her actual strength lies, both figurative and literal.
Maybe she is playing the whole ‘shallow blonde girl’ thing on purpose so that her extraordinary profession would mean even more. People probably feel stupid to be downgrading her just because she is a woman working in a man’s line of work.
“People are surprised when I tell them! Very few women choose my profession.”
Also, imagine what kind of muscles all that weight carrying must create!
“I carry around and handle material equal to my own body weight. It takes some muscle, but I find my job satisfying.”
She says that building homes for other people actually fulfills her.“I love my job! My passion is to get to build people’s homes, and get to protect our cultural history.”
Despite being a stone mason, she is also a board member for the Norwegian Centre Youth.

In fact, people outside of work are the ones having problems understanding how it’s possible for a woman to be laying bricks all day.
“I get to spend my days with only men, and I feel respected,” said Lisa.
“People would be surprised if they heard the conversations around the lunch table. They are good husbands, and loving fathers and the conversations are completely normal.”

It is the people that she has met in politics that are giving her a hard time. “Even though I often give men twice my age some serious competition, people often underestimate my capability to make a mark.”
People are trying to underestimate because of her appearance.
“People often think it’s ok to make frisky comments, and/or sexual suggestions,” she disclosed.
“I experience a lot more sexual harassment in politics.”

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This girl is very driven and has her priorities set! She only has one simple message to impart to the haters: “Try me.”


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