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16 Design Fails That Will Make You Question The People Behind Them

16 Design Fails That Will Make You Question The People Behind Them

Sometimes, a designer doesn’t always have the brightest idea. It might be a bit stupid, unnecessary or perhaps just outright ridiculous, but somehow, it still goes through and some pretty… interesting products came out of those ideas.

Here are some of the best (worst) ones, brought to us by Diply.

1. How do you make soap taste like sweets?

Could edible soap be coming soon?

Soap that tastes like sweets.

Source: Reddit | Silvar1

2. Allison is above it


Except for Allison, it would seem.

Source: Reddit | sockmonst3r

3. Yeah, that window is totally not going to break!

How could this ever go wrong?

Source: Reddit | ezdridgex

4. Sometimes, online dictionaries do this

What’s the point of having an online dictionary if you’re gonna take a day off like this?

This was so helpful!

Source: Reddit | bookbock

5. We’ve shown you this one before, but it’s just so meaningful

So, picture this:

Source: Reddit | LeyendaV

6. These stairs seem like a good idea, design-wise

But in the real world, they’re probably hideously impractical and have the potential to cause an injury.

 These stairs would be next to impossible on a good day.

Source: Reddit | Peeped

7. What the heck is a “penil”?

And even if it was spelled correctly, that’s not even a pencil!

Except that this is a pen... and what's a "penil"?

Source: Reddit | topheavyhookjaws

8. Don’t buy this for your loved one

This is a literal representation of what it's like to talk about feelings.

Source: Reddit | politikamusic

9. Never Shredded Eat Wheat

Do these people not know the rhyme?!

Source: Reddit | MeatballPeanuts

10. That’s a great sale

Oh, I wonder why the black Post-its are on sale!

Source: Reddit | R005T3RK1NG

11. That butt area looks like a really uncomfortable wedgie

I don't even know where to start with this one.

Source: Wish

12. Well, guess it’s time to jump through the window

And pray I land on the awning.

 I want to know where these stairs used to go.

Source: Reddit | dylangleit

13. How do you feel about vers ass ass worms?

Sounds so delicious!

Source: Reddit | luckyluke07

14. Double fail!

 This is like the fail that keeps on giving.

Source: Reddit | crazydachshund

15. Could possibly lead to a bit of bleeding

So, this is a thing, apparently.

Source: Reddit | Beanboy100

16. Can you see what’s wrong yet?

Two right feet!

 It took me a minute to realize there are two right feet.

Source: Reddit | Dylpooh
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