Demi Lovato Recalls The Moment She "Fell In Love" With Joe Jonas

Demi Lovato Recalls The Moment She “Fell In Love” With Joe Jonas


The 25-year-old singer, Demi Lovato, confessed she fell in love with her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas, while they were filming Camp Rock back in 2008.

The diva pop star shared a video on her YouTube channel on Tuesday, October 10, in which she sat down with two of her best childhood friends to look over some old videos of her performing.


After the trio watched some charming clips of Demi’s childhood, the footage on her computer played a footage from the 2008’s Disney Channel Original Movie, Camp Rock. There was one particular scene in which the pop singer Joe Jonas, now 28, is sat by a lake playing guitar before Lovato walks up to sit with him.

“Did you have a crush on him this whole time?” Demi’s friend Matthew asked. “Oh yeah,” Lovato replied.

“This moment I freaking fell in love with him,” adding, “In real life” later. “I wasn’t acting much… We had our first kiss on camera.”


Afterwards, the friends continued to check out a few more clips of Demi and Joe together, before the singer confirmed that they “only dated for a month.”


The mental-health and body-positivity advocate briefly dated Jonas in 2010, after filming the movie’s sequel, Camp Rock 2.

Despite going their separate ways, they have remained good friends since.


The video was posted in honor of her forthcoming emotional documentary, Simply Complicated, which will air on Tuesday, October 16, on her YouTube channel.

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