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15 Epic “Walking Dead” Tattoos That Daryl Dixon Would Definitely Approve Of


The Walking Dead is an American post-apocalyptic horror television series that has millions devoted, engaged and passionate fans all around the world. The show is based on the eponymous comic book series by Robert Kirkman and was an immediate hit when it premiered in 2010. Seven seasons later it’s still one of the most popular shows around. Its millions of devoted fans — “walker stalkers” — show their prodigious support with a massive amount of Instagram photos, featuring killer ink inspired by characters and phrases on the show.

Here are some incredible tattoo ideas that the main character Daryl Dixon would definitely approve of, compiled by PopSugar.

1. Daryl’s crossbow

2. Glenn’s watch

This amazing tattoo is from @glenns_green_balloons her goal is to get @steveyeun to see it TAG HIM ● ● ● ♡TAGS

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3. Negan’s bat Lucille

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4. A quote from Rick’s speech

5. Zombie bite

Zombie Bite tattoo by @zac_ryan_tattoos at Artistic Element Tattoo in Yucaipa, CA 

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6. Enid’s survival mantra

She was a big fan of #thewalkingdead 😉

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7. Angel wings from Daryl’s motorcycle jacket

Trampo do dia: twd 💀❤

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8. “Don’t open, dead inside” warning sign


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9. Bloody handprint

Zombie project !!! 

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10. Daryl’s crossbow and Rick’s sheriff hat

Fresh new ink, thank you so much @sadee_glove d by Danielle Webb🌼 (@daniwebb94) on

11. Enid’s written mantra

New tattoo!!! 

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12. Drooling zombie

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13. Bloody Lucille and a smashed skull

THE WALKIND DEAD Lucille tattoo

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14. Rick Grimes

The new world’s gonna need this sweeeeeettt Rick grimes 

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15. Decomposed zombie

Inked by Andrew Douglas-NeonDragon. A walker from the graphic novel The Walking Dead. 

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