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Dad Defends His Decision To Keep His Child On A Leash


The 34-year-old Clint Edwards is a father of thee with a parenting blog named “No Idea What I’m Doing.” While he was growing up, his dad wasn’t in the picture, so when it came to having his own family, Edwards realized that he didn’t, in fact, know what he was doing and also didn’t have anyone to look up to.

So, what he did was open a blog and share his stories on figuring it out as he does.


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On his blog, he admits,: “I’m making it up as I go,” and judging from the looks of it, he is doing a pretty good job.

However, recently he took to Facebook to defend a personal parenting practice that was getting negative feedback in public and also online. Since last February, he and his wife decided to start using a child leash for their 3-year-old daughter, Aspen in crowded public spaces.


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The child who he refers as his “wild child”, wore a backpack with a tether to keep her mobile still in reach of her parents. The little girl is very curious so often she goes to explore what caught her eyes and for Edwards this was the only solution.

Aspen is also prone to Nursemaid’s Elbow, which is when a toddler’s elbow can be easily dislocated. So, of course that Edwards doesn’t want to hold her arm because a yank from the girl that tries to escape can cause her joint to pop out and that happened twice before.


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The couple used the leash first with Aspen, last February when the family was on vacation at Disney World. After receiving judgmental looks from the other parents, Edwards explained the situation on Facebook.


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“I’m keeping this kid safe while maintaining my piece of mind, and that is 100% worth it.”

Edwards and his wife don’t plan on using the leash within six months or so and they are hoping that when she grows out of her unpredictable ways, she will respond better to verbal instructions.


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Edwards also has an advice for other parents to ensure them that using this safety setting is the right thing.

“If you see somebody using something like that, it’s for a good reason,” Edwards said. “Don’t make assumptions. I’m their parent; I know this child well enough to know that I need this. So trust us.”

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