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When This Elderly Woman’s Card Kept Declining At The Supermarket, He Decided To Help Her

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Living in a time when we are often reminded of all the hatred and darkness in the world, it’s nice to read about something as simple as a person being kind. Like, when an ordinary person sees someone in need and decides to help. Is that too much? Ryan O’Donnell, a father of two is being praised by people all around the world for what he did at a supermarket in Australia. I mean, parents of toddlers know how challenging shopping at your local grocery store can be.Your children just want to run and play so instead of grabbing everything you need you will also have to keep an eye on your kids all the time.

And that’s why people are so impressed by Ryan O’Donnell from New South Wales, Australia.

When Ryan saw an elderly women ahead of him in line, she was struggling with her bank card because it kept getting declined. It was obvious that she didn’t have enough money in there, so Ryan decided to step in.


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He asked the cashier how much the woman’s groceries were and the answer was $44. He handed the woman a $50 bill and the old lady asked to repay his kindness. He simply answered:

“Don’t worry. Have a good day.”

Another costumer saw this act of kindness, took a picture and posted it to Twitter. Now the post has gone viral and Ryan is being praised as a hero even though he says he was doing what his parents taught him: helping others.

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