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Dad And Baby Girl Conquer The Web With Adorable Costumes


They say there is a special connection between a father and a daughter. And it’s true: it’s clear as day when you look at these pictures of a dad and his little princess playing dress-up.

36 year-old Sholom Ber Solomon lives in California with his wife Carli, 32, and baby daughter, Zoe. His love for dressing up in silly costumes and taking photos has always been a part of his life. But, with the birth of little Zoe, he saw an incredible opportunity to create adorable family pictures.

Sholom, owner of a vintage furniture store, enjoys creating elaborate scenes featuring himself and Zoe. Every scene is carefully planned and the costumes, sets, and props are well chosen. The hilarious photos are taken by mum Carli and each takes about 20 minutes to stage. But the results are well worth the trouble, as proven by the fact that the father-daughter dream team has become an Internet phenomenon and has conquered the hearts of more than 13,000 followers on Instagram.

The ideas just keep flowing! The possibilities are endless, as long as baby Zoe is happy to play along. In an interview for the Daily Mail, super-dad said, “I plan to take photos with her as long as she will let me.”

Here are a few of the dynamic duo’s greatest hits.

1. Do you know why I pulled you over? You were going way past the adorable limit.


2. Encountering a scary lion on a safari trip to the back garden


3. Did that garden gnome just move???


4. Water your flowers to make sure they grow big and strong


5. Dancing the hula has never looked cuter


6. A new Banksy was born!


7. Looking good enough to eat!


8. Gearing up before undertaking a dangerous mission


9. All great dancers start at an early age


10. Oops… Close enough, I guess…?


11. Sneak attack!


12. Cookie! Me want cookie! Om-nom-nom!


Source: Sholom Ber Solomon
From: boredpanda

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