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How to Cut Your Bangs at Home


Cutting your bangs at home can be a good idea when you’ve made a plan and have the right preparation. Cutting your bangs at home when you look in the mirror, get fed up of the length, and lift the closest scissors before you start wildly hacking is a bad idea.

If you would like to be in group one then have a read at this post to plan for the cut. We have two options, the first is for people who already have bangs and the second for those who want to cut in a new fringe.

Method 1

Method #1
Step 1
Brush your bangs straight down your forehead. At home, it’s better if your hair is dry, so you can judge how much you are taking off.
Step 2
Comb your bangs using the hair razors and tease it down a little. Gently razor the hair that is on par with the lower part of your eyes. Generally speaking you should not go higher than your eyebrows. But whatever works for you.
Step 3
It you need to add some finishing touches to the bangs, you could clean it up using the scissors. Cut into the hair.

Method #2


This option is for when you want to cut bangs in to longer hair, with scissors.
Step 1
Identify which part of her hair falls naturally in from of your face and brush it straight. Check that you have the correct amount, it should give the shape of a triangle.
Step 2
When you have the hair in your hand start twisting it round as tight as possible. Now cut at the length you want the fringe. This should give a tussled fringe.

Good Luck Bang Hunters!


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