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Fifteen Natural Curly Hairstyle Favorites For Men


Although people blessed with curly hair can sometimes get frustrated with it, it is important to always keep in mind how envious all of us who belong to the boring, straight-haired part population are of their curls. Curls are a treasure, and no heatwave or amount of time needed for upkeep should ever make a man give up on them completely.

What you can do, though, is style your hair in a certain way or even alternate between styles so you can enjoy all the benefits and downplay the difficulties in having a full head of curly hair. To assist with that, we’ve called upon full-time hairstylist and part-time blogger Cassidy Flannegan who runs MenHairstylesWorld, a website which helps men all over the world make hair decisions based on true and helpful information. Here are Cassidy’s fifteen curly favorites for men.

1. Straight top with creased peaks



The simplest look of all, the creased peaks will add volume and highlight your jaw line. The hair can be easily kept in ckeck by putting it behind the ears.

2. Flat top



Low maintenance while looking cool, this one is a particular favorite of sportsmen and athletes. You can try various contrasts by letting your imagination run free.

3. Neat curls



If you have a receding hairline, focus on arranging the hair on top, creating a long bob that will shift the attention away from the forehead.

4. Slick back curly hairstyles for men



To slick back your hair use your fingers, apply pomade evenly throughout and fix the curls in place.

5. Curly afro hairstyle



Afro is back in style, and if you were blessed with it, don’t be afraid to let your curly locks go haywire – the beautiful thing is you can always chop it all off if it gets annoying.

6. Curly quiff


The curly quiff consists of trimmed hair on the back and the sides with medium to long hair on the scalp. For a smooth finish, keep defining the curls by scrunching them into place.

7. Soft and loose curls



A very popular style with young men currently, there is a bit of David Bowie about this look. Be patient and gentle when styling it and you will be fine.

8. Parted curls



Carrying a bit of an 80’s vibe, this retro style is back in style. You can part it on one side and use hairspray to keep it all in place.

9. Tight curly shag



If you have tight curls, a shag will look marvelous no matter your age.

10. Curly fringe



Curly hair does look great when worn messy. This cut leaves a length of hair at the top that can be slicked to one side or worn loose as the man pictured.

11. Mohawk curly hairstyles for men



A mohawk always stands out and if you have the courage to sport one, you won’t have to think about styling the top anymore – leaving it messy is the icing on the cake.

12. Getting creative



If you feel lucky, dye your curls as a display of a strong personality and restless spirit.

13. Corners fade haircut



Only the corners are fading while all hair is dyed, making this a great look to show off.

14. Curly undercut



The sides and the back of the head are trimmed short and the volume is allowed to do the rest. Great for adding height and slimming down your face.

15. Curly bob



Simply allow your natural curls to stand out and do their own thing. You can style it by applying mousse throughout and finish with hairspray.


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