This Couple’s Wedding Photoshoot Got Photobombed In The Best Way


Weddings are considered by a lot of people to be the best and most important day of your life, which is why wedding photoshoots are perfect for capturing the moment.

Of course, each couple has its own idea of a perfect wedding photoshoot, but whatever Brad and Jenessa McKillen had in mind, I’m sure they didn’t expect any of what happened to them.

This Couple's Wedding Photoshoot Got Photobombed In The Best Way 1

These two got married in Ontario, Canada, and they chose a farm for their photoshoot, as Jenessa’s family had their own private farm where she grew up.

“We chose to do pictures there because [my parents’] farm is beautiful and gave us lots of places to do different pictures,” the bride told BuzzFeed News.  Rebecca Sprau suggested they do something new to be “different and fun”.

After lining up the two marrieds in front of the cows to get a silly-but-lovely photograph, Sprau burst out laughing as she saw a particularly inappropriate and simultaneous act of love going on in the background.

This Couple's Wedding Photoshoot Got Photobombed In The Best Way 2

“It’s like one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots that you’ll probably never get again,” Sprau stated. The cows had stopped doing their passionate business by the time the couple had turned around to see why their photographer was laughing.

Jenessa stressed that“The cows are two females and the bull is behind them,” she said. “It’s a natural thing, no funny business happening.”

Jenessa later posted this photo to the Ellen Facebook page, to be featured on Ellen’s photobomb series.”Hi Ellen! I thought you might like this “photo bomb” from our wedding this past weekend on May 20th 2017 in Ontario, Canada. It might be safe to say Love was in the air all around us!” she wrote in the post.


The photo has since gone viral, and I think you’ll agree that this is definitely one to tell the grandchildren.


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