This Couple Hopes To Adopt, Then Her Husband Brings Amazing News


After years and years of trying to have a child on their own, couple Matt and Katie were more than ready to try other options. So, they were willing to adopt and started the process within their home state of North Carolina and after the process was complete, they got the phone call that they had been waiting for.


Source: YouTube

They found out that they were going to be the parents of a baby girl born on the same day. The birth mother revoked her rights and the child was theirs. After they brought their daughter home they shared an important vow.

“We, Matt and Katie, take you Natalie Gray. We promise to love and to care for you to the best of our ability with the guidance of God, our Father. We promise to to guide you… We promise to laugh with you, to share with you and to live in the moment with you. We promise to love you through the thick and the thin, through good times and bad. And lastly, we promise to continue to grow in our walk with God so that we can continue to be better parents for you!”


Source: YouTube

You can follow up their amazing story by clicking on the video down below.

Source: YouTube
From: Youtube

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