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20 Super Cool Family Members Anyone Would Love To Have


No matter what they’re like, you always love your family. Yeah, sure, at times you will argue, you’ll get frustrated, and you might even hate them a little bit, but family is the most important thing in the world, and at the end of the day there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for them.

Some people are luckier than others when it comes to cool family members, though. Take these people for example, who wouldn’t wish to be related to them? The list was compiled by Diply.

1. Someone got the surprise of a lifetime when it turned out this grandpa was stronger than most younger people


Source: Twitter | @b_flex14

2. Grandma decided it’s time for the granddaughter to find a partner, so she took matters into her own hands


Source: Imgur | picklejiinx

3. It’s already awkward bringing someone to meet you guys, why do you have to make it more difficult? “Special friend” indeed…


Source: Imgur | drfunkdawg

4. Back in ye olden days, they used pidgeons to carry messages. This is the modern equivalent.

4Source: Twitter

5. Turns out it’s her favourite food. Shows how well they know her!

5Source: Twitter | @wowchey

6. Well, real flowers beat fake flowers anytime

6Source: Reddit | DPooly1996

7. When your family wants to show support, they do it in style


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

8. When your parents are still just big children


Source: Twitter | @Ksimmessss

9. Everyone needs an uncle Dave. He’s the best!


Source: Reddit | Joshyboy401

10. There’s no-one on that bracelet… Weird…

10Source: Twitter | @amymcdade_x

11. Now is not the time for dad jokes!


Source: Reddit | Bulovak

12. Maybe this is taking the whole “cool uncle” thing a bit too far

12Source: Reddit

13. Matching Halloween costumes are a must for every family!


Source: Reddit | Mordorgasm

14. There is no better way to say no than with a formal letter.


Source: Imgur | sonan303

15. These parents found their true calling! Never too late to follow your dreams!


Source: Reddit | keesh75

16. The winner of best sister in the world award


Source: Imgur | flaversham

17. Nothing is funnier than death…


Source: Reddit | ohbear64

18. He’s in it to win it


Source: Reddit | Bigslugman

19. Dad, you will wear a costume like us, or Elsa!


Source: Reddit | okgasman

20. This man is teaching those kids the important things in life

20Source: Twitter | @CordovaDanielaa
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