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Beauty Pageant Contestants Share Powerful Statistics On Violence Against Women


On 29 October, the Miss Peru beauty pageant showed the audience more than beautiful women and their body measurements. Instead of doing a traditional pageant focusing on ranking the physical attributes of the contestants, the organizers went for something quite different: they decided to talk about violence and femicide through their contestants.

Do you also find it ridiculous when contestants reveal their measurements at beauty pageants?

Instead of saying their waist sizes out loud, the contestants at Miss Peru 2018 gave statistics about women rights’ violations!


Upon taking to the stage and introducing themselves, the South American beauties would start as usual with: “my measurements are…” before dropping the real bomb.


Info about sexual harassment in the western South American republic was shared


Peru is a country that suffers from an epidemic of sex crimes, including human trafficking. Also, sexual violence between partners is as high as 47% in places like Cusco, in the southeastern part of the country.


When the final round came, women were asked different kinds of questions, including what they would do to combat femicide in their country.


The pageant’s organizer, Jessica Newton spoke with BuzzFeed about her decision to raise awareness of femicide in Peru.

“Everyone who does not denounce it and everyone who does not do something to stop this is an accomplice,” she said.

Newton also decided to keep the bathing suit segment in the show, although people thought it was controversial. According to her, what a woman wears shouldn’t subject her to objectification.

“Women can walk out naked if they want to. Naked. It’s a personal decision. If I walk out in a bathing suit I am just as decent as a woman who walks out in an evening dress.”

Some people loved the message sent by the women at the pageant…

…others, not so much…


…while some even found it entertaining.


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