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This Company Lets Kids Design Their Own Clothes


We love this at MetDaan, it’s just so creative and give’s kids a chance at designing their own clothes, something they can then wear with pride.

The idea came to Jaimee Newberry, when her daughter presented her with a picture of a dress and she decided to make it for her. Her idea was met with gushing and awe by everyone who saw it and she decided there was enough momentum to make a business of it. Newberry’s company, ‘Picture This’, let’s childrens imaginations become reality. Check out the Picturethis website, choose a size and print out the colouring sheet. Let your child draw inside the the outline, then send the picture to the website and two weeks later the dress will arrive by post.

Fantastic idea for any up and coming designers, currently it’s just dresses, but no doubt more demand will allow them to expand into other items.

Look at the kids and their creations…





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