Clever Storage Ideas For Those Of You Who Live In A Small Place

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Not all of us can afford to live in a big, lush, nicely equipped apartment. Some of us go the economy way and find a small apartment that can accommodate us and everything we need, maybe even a partner and a pet or two.

If you’re planning to move in a new, small place and you need some advice to tidy it up and store everything properly despite its size, we have some for you right here.

1. Ceiling shelves

Clever Storage Ideas For Those Of You Who Live In A Small Place 1

Tutorial via Huffington Post

2. Small dining table

Clever Storage Ideas For Those Of You Who Live In A Small Place 2

Tutorial via Houzz

3. Shelves on the corner


Tutorial via Truly Lovely Life

4. Hang your towels on the bathroom door


Tutorial via Jenna Burger

5. Large mirrors


Tutorial via House Beautiful

6. A small nightstand in the corner


Tutorial via Apartment Therapy

7. Above-the-door shelf


Tutorial via The 2 Seasons

8. Storage under the bed


Tutorial via Home Talk

9. Glass enclosure


Tutorial via Famuratbuilders

10. This is how you properly organize your closet space


Tutorial via Houzz

11. Install baskets on your walls for a better towel storage solution


Tutorial via Making Lemonade Blog

12. Pull-down desk

Just make sure you don’t have a monitor on your desk if you’re going to do this.


Tutorial via Shanty 2 Chic

13. Save space by putting your spice storage on the wall


Tutorial via Domestic Imperfection

14. Or how about this slide-out cabinet tucked neatly next to the fridge?


Tutorial via Classic Clutter

15. An organized organizer


Tutorial via BHG

16. Check out this sofa table!

Great for holding drinks if you’re sitting on the sofa the other way.


Tutorial via Always Never Done

17. A beautiful bed-behind-curtains setup


18. Another great spice storage solution


Tutorial via Shanty to Chic

19. Storage basket


Source Amazon

If you have any more creative storage ideas for a small place, be sure to share them in the comments, and share this gallery with your friends that live in a small place to help them out!

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