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23 Ways For Cleaning The Objects You Considered Difficult


Everyone has their own cleaning methods, but what unites us all is that no one enjoys these activities. But since it simply has to be done, it is important to waste as little energy on it as possible. How? By simply implementing some cleaning methods you might not have known earlier. Here are twenty-three such hacks that will show you there are no objects that are impossible to clean.

1. Window tracks


Avoid a whirlwind of dust when you open a window by using a solution of baking soda, vinegar, dish soap and some elbow grease for gunk-free window tracks.

2. Blinds


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Once you have your windows clean, it would be advisable to make sure your window treatments are tidy, too. Use a microfiber cloth, liquid dish soap, and warm water.

3. Shower curtains


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You can keep your shower pristine by washing the curtain in a salt bath to both get rid of mildew and prevent it from forming in the future.

4. Shower caulking



The caulking in a shower is another place where mold and mildew seem to spring up overnight. You can get rid of it simply, though, using bleach and a toothbrush.

5. Bathroom tiles


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To keep your bathroom pristine once you have it the way you want it use candle wax to seal the grouting and prevent mildew from making a comeback.

6. Porcelain sink


A classical porcelain sink is easily-stained and difficult to clean as much as it is pretty. By using white vinegar, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, and salt your classical sink will be snow-white once again.

7. Hard water deposits


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Even with a more common metal sink, persistent staining thanks to hard water deposits is a problem. Luckily, all you need in order to take care of it is some distilled white vinegar and an old T-shirt.

8. Range hood filters


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The range hood filter is probably the messiest thing in any kitchen, but you can make sure it can perform its job by cleaning it with some OxiClean!

9. Glass oven doors



Use an overnight baking soda paste to take care of the glass door after the oven’s self-cleaning cycle is done.

10. Toasters


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Whether it’s a pop-up toaster or a toaster oven, you can disinfect it by using nail polish remover and cream of tartar.

11. Refrigerator coils


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If you vacuum those refrigerator coils at the bottom of your fridge you will have a far more efficient, less costly power usage.

12. Cast iron skillets



One of the most intimidating pans in any kitchen is the cast iron skillet, which often comes with lots of dangerous-sounding warnings about how not to clean it. Don’t worry! All you will need are two all-natural items: salt, and a potato!

13. Pots and pans bottoms


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Even for regular pots and pans, there’s probably part of them you haven’t paid a lot of attention to: their bottoms. Get rid of any burn marks or residue by using some baking soda!

14. Mattresses


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Cleaning a mattress is a process of multiple steps, but a simple one nonetheless. Bust out your vacuum cleaner, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and go to town.

15. Laptops


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Demystify laptop cleaning and work without fear by using microfiber cloths, mild dish soap, distilled water, compressed air, rubbing alcohol, and pipe cleaners.

16. Mirrors


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Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t use Windex for mirror cleaning. Instead, use microfiber cloths, cotton pads, rubbing alcohol, vinegar and water.

17. Oddly-shaped glass containers


There is hardly a more challenging item to clean than oddly-shaped glass objects with openings far too small for our hands. In such cases, one has to resort to creativity, such as this clever magnet cleaning method!

18. Makeup brushes



Make sure your makeup brushes are germ-free by regularly and safely cleaning them with olive oil and dish soap.

19. Hair brushes


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Don’t forget about your hair brushes, either: clean them once a month using baking soda and shampoo.

20. Baseball caps



Don’t put baseball caps in the washing mashine with clothing – put them in the dishwasher instead. Throw them in there with some Borax, and they’ll be better than new.

21. Ceiling fans



If you use a ceiling fan to survive hot summers, you can make the cleaning of the blades easier by using pillow cases.

22. Dog toys


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Our pets deserve clean tools, too! Most plush toys can go into the washing machine, while others should get a soak in warm water and vinegar.

23. Car upholstery


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Even with worn out upholstery, you can save yourself a trip to the carwash or a detailer by making a solvent using club soda, dish soap, and vinegar in equal parts. Scrub with a scrub brush, and rinse with a shop vac or steam cleaner.


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