Chris From Mrs. Doubtfire Is All Grown Up And He’s Gorgeous


When you think of 90s comedy dramas, I’m pretty sure that the first one that comes to your mind is Mrs. Doubtfire. This little gem starring the late Robin Williams and Matilda star Mara Wilson came out in 1993, and made audiences all around the world shed tears of laughter, which is what happens when you see Robin Williams dressed up as a woman.

One character in particular that just really stood out alongside the beloved Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtifre is Chris Hillard, a member of the Hillard family where Doubtfire becomes a nanny, played by Matthew Lawrence.

Nearly 24 years after Mrs. Doubtfire hit theaters and grossed well over $441 million in the box office (almost 18 times its actual budget), let’s just say that Matthew has certainly grown up a bit.

Let’s take a look what he looks like nowadays.

Chris From Mrs. Doubtfire Is All Grown Up And He's Gorgeous 1

He was always a cutie, let’s just be real about that. But now, he looks like this.

This is what I am looking at right now. At the summit of Glacier point looking at half dome YOSEMITE!

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I get nervous every time I step up to the mic #vocals #nerves

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Ever since his role as Chris, the 37-year-old Pennsylvanian born actor continued his career through the early nineties, appearing in quite a few television films as well as feature films, and his brothers also pursued the same career. Coincidentally enough, they’re both really handsome too.


Hawaiian jungle with baby bro

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Night out with the family

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Ever since re-appearing on social media, there’s been a blow up of girl fans who seem to really like him. Some of the stand-out comments on his posts include “look! He’s still perfect!”, “please date me” and “just heard your interview with Mario Lopez. Lemme bear your children pls”.

Let’s just say that all of those girls who crushed on him back in the early 90s can feel all of that coming back.
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