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Chloe Ayling Is Mocked On Social Media After Her Alleged Kidnapping


Not many people have the luck to be released or found after being kidnapped. Chloe Ayling, the 20-year-old model, claimed she had been kidnapped when she turned up for a “photo shoot” in Milan on July 11. Then, news appeared that she had been rescued after being transported in a bag to be sold on the dark web. The British model is said to have been drugged and transported in a bag to a village near Turin. Yesterday, on August 17, the police investigating the alleged kidnapping of the British model in Italy, have arrested the brother of the chief suspect, Michal Konrad Herba, 36. Herba’s brother, Lukasz Pawel, remains in custody in Italy, having been arrested by local police when he escorted Chloe Ayling to the British consulate in Milan, after allegedly abducting her.

The model told officers she was held for six days by an international criminal gang called Black Death. Apparently, they were planning to sell her to a Middle Eastern buyer for more than £230,000, to be sexually abused.


Mother-of-one said she thought she was going to die, but after her story, the Internet went crazy with the questions. Apparently, her captor bought her shoes and she went to have breakfast with him. This happened before being handed over to the British consulate in Milan on July 16. Now, the model is said to stay out of the public eye, but explained that she will return with a book about her experience. This would help others that might find themselves in a situation like hers.

Some people took to Twitter to slam the model and questioned the need for a documentary or book. They also laughed at the way she was allegedly kidnapped. Even other models started mocking her in a series of photographs, showing themselves pretending to be stuffed inside suitcases.

They posted the funny photos in a WhatsApp group chat, jokingly demanding ‘£20 ransom’ for the victims to be released.


Speaking to the Daily Star, a source said:

“No-one really believes her. If they thought it was for real they wouldn’t do it but all of the models know her.

They know everybody in the industry and many don’t think it adds up”.


The model explained on ITV show Lorraine:

“It’s been non stop – the kidnap, then the police, then the media – I haven’t had a chance to sit back.

It’s good to take opportunities to raise awareness about the situation. I’d like to maybe do a book or documentary to spread the word, really.

If I could use the lessons I’ve learned and my situation to help others, that would be amazing”.

We are left to see the aftermath of the situation when the suspects are in court.


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