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Teenager Got Charged For Ordering ‘The Nothing Cheeseburger’ At McDonald’s


Have you tried the self-service at McDonald’s? If you have, make sure you know what you want to order, as there might be some additional charges, according to a UK teenager. McDonald’s restaurants have really known how to surprise their customers, with bringing innovations, like international specialties and this new self-service thing. But the self-service thing probably beats everything as you can simply not interact with anyone, especially if you are too hungry to have a chat with the employee. A teenager from the UK tried it, and realized you can remove all of the items from a burger. But little did he know how much it was going to cost him. He ended up being hungry and with some cash taken away! His story also sparked the most hilarious debate on Twitter.

So, Twitter user @Arikuyo went to order his favorite cheeseburger and decided to try out the self-service. And then, just for the fun of it, tried if he could really remove all of the things from the burger. It turns out that he can! And he got an empty box, but they charged him 99p for receiving no food!

That’s right, it cost him ecatly £0.99 ($1.25). It was worth it for the retweets, though.

The teenager was left hungry, though.

Twitter actually started to work out how this could be even possible.

Then, someone claiming to be a McDonald’s employee verified that this is actually possible.

While @Arikuyo confirmed that the cashier was pretty confused.

Never delete every single item of your order is probably the lesson of this teenager.


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