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A Celebrity Makeover Is Common, But Have You Seen A Celebrity Makeunder?


We’re familiar with the concept of a “makeover”. It’s the amazing art of taking something and completely changing it’s physical appearance with an intention to make it better than it was previously. There’s nothing wrong with makeovers, but how would you feel about a “makeunder”? As strange as this Frankenstein of a word may sound, I can tell you one thing, it’s certainly a good way to describe these celebrity transformations. Check out the gallery below!

1. Pamela Anderson

This blonde bombshell became popular decades upon decades ago appearing in Baywatch.

A Celebrity Makeover Is Common, But Have You Seen A Celebrity Makeunder? 1


She certainly looks different, but not in a bad way at all. She’s actually looking quite fresh-faced!

A Celebrity Makeover Is Common, But Have You Seen A Celebrity Makeunder? 2

Source:Brit + Co

2. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi

One of the stand-out stars of the popular reality TV show Jersey Shore, and during those years she rocked an orange spray tan and tight dresses.


Source:MTV UK

She’s still a trendsetter.

Now, a mother of two, Snooki has had quite the dramatic makeunder, and I have to admit, I don’t think she has ever looked better!

In my opinion, the present day Snooki looks much better than the Jersey Shore one.


Source: Taddlr

3. Kesha

Kesha burst onto the scene with a pop of champagne and a sprinkle of glitter and confetti.



Ever since she broke free of her record label and manager, she switched over to a more natural look, and despite changing hair color several times, she couldn’t look more stunning nowadays even if she tried!


Source:The Independent

Keep being amazing, girl!


4. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga completely broke the fashion system when she burst onto the scene, and gave a whole new meaning to the word “groundbreaking” when it came to her outfits and makeup she rocked in her music videos.



Since her debut days, she has lost quite a bit of her glam appearance, going for a more natural look when it comes to makeup and a more conventional approach to her clothing. And looks even more amazing, if possible.


Source: PopCrush Stuart C. Wilson | Getty Images

5. Nicki Minaj

When Nicki burst on to the scene, she was easily recognizable due to her broad collection of rainbow wigs and crazy outfits. I mean, how many times have you seen the photo of Nicki Minaj with her green colored wig being compared to the picture of a cat with the lime peel on its head?



We lived for Nicki’s leopard print ensembles.


Source:E! Online

She has toned it all down since those days, opting for a more natural hair color and slightly more conventional outfits. Her makeup is still incredible though.



6. Miley Cyrus

Ever since her Hannah Montana days, Miley Cyrus has gone through quite the change. She went from an innocent teen who wanted to make it big in the music industry to one who did, but for all the questionable reasons (depending on how you perceive it).


Source: Daily Mirror Getty Images

But now, she’s coming back to her country roots, and she seems to be toning down the rather… controversial outfits as well.

On top of the new music change, she has donned a more subtle, laid-back look that falls right in the middle of both contrasting senses of style. Loving this white dress on her with the soft hair.


Source:Lainey Gossip

7. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has gone through quite a few changes in the years she’s been active.


Source:Retro Red Carpet

Anyone else miss early 2000s fashion?

No, just me?


Case in point, at a recent Cannes Film Festival event, Lindsay was channeling Grace Kelly with this chic black and white ballgown. Complete with a few loose tendrils and classic pearls, she looks positively demure!


Source: Entertainment Tonight Getty Images

8. Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is a perfect reminder of what type of fashion dominated in the magic year of 2003.

Check out that skirt!


Source: Life and Style Getty Images

With this body-hugging gown, she looks absolutely stunning! And look how well her hair is pulled back, and her eyeshadow as well.


Source:Glamorous Heels

9. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian was also guilty of something all of us did when it came to makeup: powdering each section of your face. Don’t worry, Kim, you aren’t the only one. And besides, now there’s contouring and blending so we can put the powdering days behind us.



Because let’s be real. She is Kim Kardashian.

No matter how she does her makeup, she still slays.


10. Nicole Richie

Back when eyeliner meant tracing and re-tracing the shape of your eyes in black.

I get it. Raccoons (aka trash pandas) are adorable, and for a brief moment, we thought they could also be style icons.

Nicole decided to take it one step further with her teased-out and voluminous hair, and while we love the ambition, it overshadowed her natural beauty.


Source: Hollywood Life Getty Images

This right here is winged eyeliner porn. Like, seriously, just look at this.


Source: Steve Granitz | Getty Images

12. Carrie Underwood

The wardrobe, hair and makeup on American Idol was not the most flattering for a lot of contestants. I’m sure if Kelly Clarkson or Jennifer Hudson are reading this, they’re nodding along to that observation.


Source: E! Online Ray Mickshaw | WireImage

Ever since winning American Idol, she defined her own sense of style. The high neck, the earrings, the beading, the hair, it’s all there and it’s amazing.

Here, Carrie is the definition of glam, and she pulls it off effortlessly. Now we promise to never mention her American Idol fashion again.



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