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21 Celebrity Relationships That Blossomed On-Set As Well As In Real Life


It’s no surprise for Hollywood actors to fall in love with their co-workers. It is not a rare occurrence, especially among actors who have to play lovers on screen. So who ended up falling in love while working?

1. Michael Fassbender and Alicia Vikander

The Swedish actress Alicia Vikander and the Irish actor Michael Fassbender who played lighthouse keeper Tom and his wife Isabel Sherbourne in drama movie The Light Between Oceans – fell in love during the shooting of the movie. They started their relationship in 2014, and got married in Ibiza.

The actors commented on their relationship in a 2016 interview with EW. “It wasn’t the first time in a movie either of us had played somebody who is falling in love. There is an element of separation there. If I’m playing a murderer, I don’t go out and start murdering people,” Fassbender said of their work on The Light Between Oceans, while Alicia added: “I think we’ve made a clear statement that we keep certain things just between us. It was very easy to unite, but that’s quite personal.”


2. Jennifer Lawrence and Darren Aronofsky

Jennifer Lawrence and the filmmaker Darren Aronofsky started dating after the actress starred in his mystery thriller movie Mother. In September 2017, they showed up at the Venice Film Festival, officially together as a couple. “They have a very good relationship that is serious in the sense that they are on the same wavelength,” close friend to Lawrence told PEOPLE. “They respect each other in the most important ways and have many of the same interests. She is comfortable with him and in awe of his brilliance and talent.” The actress herself also commented on their relationship, saying, “I’ve been in relationships before where I am just confused. And I’m never confused with him.”


3.Chris Pratt and Anna Faris

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris first met on the set of the comedy Take Me Home Tonight in 2007. They married in 2009 and had their first son, Jack, in 2012. Unfortunately, In August 2017, the Guardians of the Galaxy and Mom stars told the public they are going their separate ways. “We tried hard for a long time, and we’re really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake, we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still have a love for each other, will always cherish our time together and continue to have the deepest respect for one another.”


4.Tom Holland and Zendaya

The Spiderman actor Tom Holland and the singer and actress Zendaya met on the set of the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming, and started dating not long after. A source told PEOPLE, “They’ve been super careful to keep it private and out of the public eye but they’ve gone on vacations with each other and try and spend as much time as possible with one another.”


5. Chris Evans and Jenny Slate

The actors first met during a chemistry read for the movie Gifted, and they had an immediate connection. Who could resist Evans’ charm? They kept their relationship away from the public eye and separated after less than a year of dating. After they separated Jenny told New York Magazine: “Chris is truly one of the kindest people I’ve ever met, to the point where sometimes I would look at him and it would kind of break my heart. He’s really vulnerable, and he’s really straightforward. He’s like primary colors. He has beautiful, big, strong emotions, and he’s really sure of them. It’s just wonderful to be around. His heart is probably golden-colored, if you could paint it.”

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6. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

One of the Hollywood greatest love affairs had its beginnings on the set of the movie Mr. & Mrs. Smith in 2005. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt couldn’t help but fall in love, even though Pitt was still married to the Aniston. He soon divorced Aniston and got married to Angelina Jolie with whom he has six children together: Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Vivienne, and Knox. In 2016 Angelina Jolie filed for divorce. Her layer said: “Angelina Jolie Pitt has filed for dissolution of the marriage. This decision was made for the health of the family. She will not be commenting at this time, and asks that the family be given their privacy during this difficult time.”


7. Anna Camp and Skylar Astin

Anna Camp and Skylar Astin first met co-starring in the Capella film Pitch Perfect in 2012. But they didn’t start dating right away. They started their romance officially in June 2013 and announced their engagement in January 2014. They had a unique bachelor-bachelorette party together. Of course, their on-screen romance continued in Pitch Perfect 2.


8. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

These two started their relationship in 2011 after meeting on the set of the movie Wanderlust, and got engaged in 2012 before making it official in August 2015 during a small ceremony at their California home.


9. Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez

This movie romance began in 2012’s Dark Tide. The actors Halle Berry and Oliver Martinez got married in July 2013. However, after only two years together, they announced their divorce in October 2015. In a joint statement, the actors disclosed “It is with a heavy heart that we have come to the decision to divorce. We move forward with love and respect for one another and the shared focus of what is best for our son. We wish each other nothing but happiness in life and we hope that you respect our and, most importantly, our children’s privacy as we go through this difficult period.”


10. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

These two lovebirds are definitely one of those couples that aren’t meant to be a thing.
Their first encounter happened on the set of the movie Pearl Harbor in 2001. After two years the Ben-Jen couple worked together on the movie Daredevil (2003). On the set of this movie, the stars started to show affection for one another. A great beginning indeed. Also, they are parents of three wonderful children, Samuel, Violet, and Seraphina. The two got married back in 2005. Sadly, after being together for 10 years, they’ve decided to go their separate ways and have announced their divorce, which was later called off.


11. Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser

Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser decided to make their relationship public in October 2012. Really soon after that in February 2013, The Mad Men co-stars got engaged. Bledel’s Gilmore Girls’ TV mom (Lauren Graham) gave her approval saying she was “very happy for them”. In a small ceremony in California, in June 2014 the couple vowed for better and for worse making it official.


12. Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer

Paquin and Moyer crossed paths on the set of the HBO vampire drama True Blood, in which they were playing on-again-off-again love interests (Sookie Stackhouse and Bill Compton). The Oscar-winning actress and Moyer got married in August 2010. Now they have twins, Charlie and Poppy.


13. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.

Remember the horror movie I Know What You Did Last Summer? Two rather unsuccessful movies made these two fall for each other. That is a very spooky start for a relationship. Just kidding. Not for these two. Later in 2002, they got back on screen together, this time for two Scooby-Doo films: 2002’s Scooby-Doo and 2004’s Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed.


14. Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos

For Kelly and Mark, there was no difference if they were working or not. The hot romance bloomed same on a set of the soap All My Children and of course, as you’ve guessed, off-screen. The stars got married in 1996, after dating for a year.
Today, they are proud parents of three: Lola, Michael, and Joaquin.


15. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

This favorite dance couple’s beginnings date back  to 2006. They met on the set of the dance film Step Up. Their love started off as the hottest dance-off. The actors got officially married in 2009.


16. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield

The superhero reboot The Amazing Spiderman has brought another lovely on and off-screen romance. Emma Stone portrayed Gwen Stacy, the hero’s special one. The media couldn’t leave them alone. It was speculated that they were taking a break in April 2015. But, Stone just confirmed how special the relationship is, which is the reason why they are avoiding to talk publicly about it.


17. Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher

Were you one of those fans who secretly hoped that Kunis and Kutcher will end up together? Even in the popular sitcom That ‘70s Show where they first met. However, the new star in Two and A Half Men, Ashton was married to actress Demi Moore for eight years. Ahston Kutcher got engaged to Mila Kunis in 2014 and later that year in October they became parents. Their first child name is Wyatt.Cool, right. They got married on 4th July 2015. After two days they headed to Napa Valley for their honeymoon.


18. Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell

This one is pretty epic. Actors Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell crossed paths on the set of Disney’s The one and Only, Genuine, Original Family Band in 1968. But it wasn’t until 15 years later they started dating officially.  They reconnected on the set of Swing Shift. The actress enclosed, “a lasting relationship isn’t about marriage” but rather “compatibility and communication.”


19. Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas

Aren’t they just adorable? Goodwin and Dallas’s fairytale started on the set of Once Upon a Time. How convenient. The 39-year old found herself a real Prince Charming in her co-star Josh Dallas. Well, lucky you dear. Then they tied the knot in April 2014, just a few years after the show’s premiere.


20. Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan

This on-screen romance as Alex P. Keaton and Ellen Reed in Family Ties started in the 1980s. The off-screen relationship started shortly after Pollan ended her romance with Kevin Bacon. Then she got married to Michael J.Fox in 1988. The stars are more than 25 years together. They have four children together: Aquinnah, Esme, Sam, and Schuyler.


21. Kaley Cuoco and Johnny Galecki

You would say that couples like Leonard and Penny form The Big Bang Theory aren’t gonna make it in real life. However, Cuoco and Galecki fell in love on the set of the previously mentioned sitcom. They started dating in the late 2000s and their off-screen romance continued for two years. The rumor has it they got back together after the 31-year-old actress broke up with Ryan Sweeting. Unfortunately, for all Big Bang Theory fans, she wrote this on her Instagram post with Galecki . “So sorry to disappoint, but no home wreckers or secret flings going on here,” she captioned the shot. “Me and @sanctionedjohnnygalecki are just the best of buds — Leonard and Penny will just have to suffice!”


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