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Celebrities That Had The Most Unexpected Jobs Before They Got Famous


After seeing your favorite celebrities on TV and in magazines, it is pretty hard to believe they were regular people trying to work to get by. But you know, even the brightest stars had to start somewhere before making it here.

It doesn’t matter if you are a cashier, waitress or janitor, chances are that some of the celebrities worked a day job as crappy as yours. And, what’s the real point here?

Well, even if you are stuck doing shifts at a burger joint right now, you never know what opportunities lie ahead so just never lose focus on your Hollywood dreams. In the list below, find out what these famous celebrities were doing before they hit the big screen. Let us know which one suprprised you the most on the comments below. Enjoy!

1. So, Steve Buscemi was a firefighter and during the 9/11 attack he returned to his job as a firefighter to help out.


Source: Joseph Marzullo

2.  Christopher Walken was 16 when he was a lion tamer. He would perform with a lioness named Sheba.


Source: Laurence Agron

3. So, Danny DeVito was a hairdresser for corpses. He would style women’s hair to look pretty before going six feet under.


Source: Matt Sayles

4. Harrison Ford was actually a carpenter.


Source:Sergio Mendes, Alexandra Wyman

5. And Christopher Lee worked for the intelligence service.


Source: Pascal Le Segretain

6. Did you know that Johnny Depp worked as a telemarketer? He hated it and made only one sale. He also talked a customer out of the purchase.


Source: Dior

7. Pierce Brosnan was a professional fire eater for three years.


Source: Frazer Harrison

8. Brad Pitt used to dress up as a chicken for a restaurant in Hollywood.


Source: EMPPL PA Wire

9. As for Jim Carrey, he quit school to support his family. He started working as a janitor.


Source: Evan Agostini

10. Rihanna was an army cadet.


Source: rihannacoverage

11. And Bob Ross was a sergeant in the Air Force.


Source: Bob Ross Inc

12. Hugh Jackman was a gym teacher.


Source: thehughjackman, Gareth Cattermole

13. Obama was an ice cream scooper at Baskin Robbins. Can you believe it?


Source: Obama White House

14. George Clooney was selling women’s shoes, worked as a door-to-door insurance salesman, stocked shelves, was a construction worker and cut tobacco.


Source: Kevin Wilkes, David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

15. Bill Murray used to sell chestnuts outside a grocery store in Chicago.


Source: Dominique Charriau

16. Channing Tatum used to be a stripeer.


Source: George Pimentel

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