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9 Celebrities Who Fought Substance Abuse And Won


Drugs, alcohol, painkillers… substance abuse is one of the modern world’s greatest woes. With both money and free time on their hands, many famous people have succumbed to it; unfortunately, only a minority manage to come back fully and permanently. Here are nine people who did, to the eternal happyness of their fans and loved ones.

1. Angelina Jolie

It is thought Jolie has experimented extensively with drugs during her youth but managed to kick the nasty habit around the time she was cast as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. She said she fought her drug addiction “by surrounding herself with people who she loved and cared for.”


2. Adele

Adele’s self-consciousness about her weight led her to substance abuse. Initially, she began to drink to boost her confidence before performances, but in time the problem grew into full-blown alcoholism. “Once I got so drunk that, when I had to go onstage, I forgot the words to my own songs. It was the worst night of my life,” recalls the Londoner. She has been off the booze since 2009 – after undergoing ligament surgery, she stopped drinking and now leads a healthier lifestyle.


3. Anthony Hopkins

In his youth, Anthony Hopkins felt alcohol was helping him be a better actor. He now admits that he was wrong. He lost his job at the National Theater in 1964 and continued to drink over the next decade-and-a-half. He decided to stop when he found himself behind the wheel of his car in a strange place having no recollection how he got there. “When drunk, I used to occasionally fall asleep at the wheel. And I could’ve easily smashed into another car or run over a pedestrian,” Hopkins, who has been sober for 41 years, admits.


4. Eminem

In one documentary, Marshall Mathers III claimed that his addiction was so bad that he would have died as a result of mixing drugs if it wasn’t for a timely medical intervention. It was the responsibility he felt towards his daughters that helped him overcome his demons.


5. Kristin Davis

It was stage fright that drove Kristin Davis to the bottle and by the age of 25, she was already diagnosed as an alcoholic. It was her best friend who made her enter Alcoholics Anonymous and start doing yoga. Davis has been clean ever since and she even refused a role once because it involved drinking cocktails. “I was afraid of even allowing myself a glass of wine,” the actress recalls.”I feel fine without alcohol and don’t want to take any chances.”


6. Daniel Radcliffe

Radcliffe reportedly was often drunk on set while shooting the last Harry Potter installment and he has admitted since that the phenomenal success of the franchise had overwhelmed him and drove him to depression. “I had constant breakdowns, which led to drinking binges. Then, one day, I went for a walk, which lasted for about five hours. During that time, I never once felt an urge to have a drink. That’s when I realized that I needed to walk in the fresh air and exercise. Nowadays, I do these things every day, and I don’t drink at all,” the actor revealed.


7. Samuel L Jackson

Jackson with substance abuse during his early career when alcohol and cocaine would stop him landing major roles. He entered rehab in 1980, but it wasn’t until the early 90s that he had a breakthrough in Hollywood. Today, in addition to being an acclaimed actor, he is an exemplary father and husband.


8. Kelly Osborne

Sometime during the run of her family’s reality show, Kelly was plagued by depression and psychological problems and in 2004 it was revealed she was consuming dozens of painkillers on a daily basis. Kelly fought her addiction in rehab and recorded a new album when she came out. She says physical activity and sports went a long way in helping her.


9. Elton John

Elton John struggled with his shyness in the early days of his career which led to a drug addiction which alienated him from friends and loved ones. He almost died of an overdose in 1975 after which he decided to enter rehab. “I’ve spent a huge part of my life for nothing because, thanks to my addiction, I was constantly immersed in myself,” the pop legend admitted.

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