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Celebrities That Have Done Amazing Things For Their Fans


While social media may purport to celebrities being self-centered selfie fanatics that just aint the truth for these selfless celebrities. Every now and again one goes above and beyond for the people who keep their celebrity status in tact!

These are the celebrities who have done amazing things for fans. Check them out in the list below!

1. Justin Bieber –Cares Deeply For Sick Fans


He touched a lot of hearts by helping out a less fortunate community in Guatemala.


2. Niall Horan – Bought Adoring Fans Starbucks

Niall drove all around New York City, to buy his fans hot chocolate.


3. Chris Hemsworth – A Real-Life Superhero

When Chris lost his wallet, a teen boy found it and returned it to him. To reward him, he took the boy to the Ellen Show and gave him a wallet full of cash.

Source: HYP LDN

4. Zac Efron – Replaces Fan’s Broken Phone

When a fan was chasing Zac Efron to get a picture with him, he accidentally dropped his phone in the rush. The actor then offered to buy him a new one.


5. Ariana Grande – Outpouring Of Love In Manchester

Ariana organized a charity concert to raise money for Manchester and ended up raising over $2.5 million.


6. Lady Gaga – Donates Millions

She donated millions to Hurricane Relief, traveled with UNICEF and plays with children in the slums of Brazil.


7. Ed Sheeran – Donates Clothes To Fans

Ed visited a fan in the hospital that couldn’t go to his show. He also helped a man propose to his girlfriend who was battling brain cancer.


8. Taylor Swift – Treats Her Fans Like Her Best Friends

She made hand-made Valentine’s Day cards for her fans. She also surprised a fan by attending her bridal shower and really loves doing personal things for them.



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