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These Cartoons Perfectly Illustrate The Benefits Of Living Alone

These Cartoons Perfectly Illustrate The Benefits Of Living Alone

Growing up, we all live/have lived with our parents. We are, after all, their children and they are the ones who raised us. But at a certain point in our lives, brings along the next step of the evolution: moving out and living on your own.

While a lot of people have their own reasons as to why they’d much rather live with their parents rather than on their own, there are actually quite a few perks to living alone, perfectly illustrated by these cartoons. Once you see these, you might want to think about moving out.

1. You can treat yourself


2. Be a little bit rebellious


3. Eat where you like, when you like


4. Your room doesn’t always have to be clean


5. Clean your place whenever you want


6. Procrastination

The boring stuff can wait. You have far more important things to do.


7. Mark your territory

Make sure that where you’ve been is visible.


8. Make amazing works of art on the shower walls

With your falling hair, of course.


9. You’ll never feel sad about doing any of this

Because it’s your own place.


10. That cake in the fridge

That all belongs to you. Eat it whenever you feel like it.


11. Sit at the window and think about life

Be your own lonesome.


12. Catch up on work whenever you feel like it


13. Spend hours upon hours on things important to you.

No one there can judge you.


14. Admire yourself endlessly


15. Be yourself

Rock out to music and do everything that you always do, in solitude and with no one there to say anything.


16. It’s always easy to find your own energy outlets


17. It’s up to you

That is, it’s up to you if you want to move in on your own or not. You’re probably considering it, but I’m telling you: it’s going to be well worth it.


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