Fight Off That Burnt Bacon At The Bottom Of Your Pan


Have you ever had burnt bacon stuck to the bottom of your pan? Worry no more!

CleanMySpace is Melissa Maker’s cleaning channel in which she utilizes all kinds of methods to help facilitate cleaning off the impossible marks on your household items. She started a cleaning business in Toronto in 2006 and has since managed to learn a lot of helpful tricks when it comes to maintenance.

Many people don’t know the hardship of getting burnt food off from the bottom of your pan.

They are just there for the eating part but what remains for the chef many times is a burnt pan and a headache.

Melissa Maker made a video on how to clean the food stuck to your pot many moons ago but what she forgot to do is show us how to get the scorch marks off the other side of the pan.

She is going to try to do that with four particular methods, ketchup, Barkeeper’s Friends, Cream of Tartar and baking soda.

She will be cleaning four pans, two of them are stainless steel whereas the other two are cast iron. In addition, she is using non-scratch sponges.

1. Ketchup

pan 1

There is a particular acid in ketchup which aids in the cleaning process, making ketchup one of the best ingredients to clean stains. Apply on the pan where the scorch mark is.

After it sat for a while, the ketchup really didn’t do much. It didn’t manage to eat through the stains. Not recommended, but at least we know now!

pan 2

2. Barkeeper’s Friend

pan 3

It’s been around for ages. 1882 to be more precise. Barkeeper’s Friend is a powder cleanser which specializes in cleaning scorch marks. Apply on the pan where the scorch mark is. Put a couple of drops of water on top. After let it work for a while, Melissa was impressed with the results. The Barkeeper’s Friend performed best. Melissa thought it was outstanding!

pan 4

3. Cream of Tartar

pan 5

Cream of Tartar is great for removing marks off of plates. Now, the point is to see how will it perform on the pot bottoms.  Apply on the pan where the scorch mark is. Add a couple of drops of water on top. After staying on the stains for a while, it turns out the Cream of Tartar didn’t really do much, if not nothing.

pan 6

4. Baking Soda

pan 7

Baking Soda is Melissa’s perennial favorite when it comes to cleaning.  Apply on the pan where the scorch mark is. Throw a couple of drops of water on top. Baking soda did more than a great job! Why am I not surprized?

pan 8

Watch the video to see her experiments and next time you will know what to reach for.

Source:Clean My Space , tiphero

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