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The ‘Fed Is Best’ Foundation Helps Mothers Reach The Most Informed Decision On Breastfeeding Possible


Having a baby is a wonderful and joyous time for the family, but one of the first challenges that arise for young mothers is the decision on breastfeeding. The Fed Is Best Foundation is a non-profit, volunteer organization of parents and health professionals who study the scientific literature on real-life infant feeding experiences of mothers through clinical practice and social media connections. Believing that Breast is not necessarily Best, Fed Is Best supports parents in choosing clinically safe feeding options for their babies, whether breast milk, formula, or a combination of both.


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One of the stories shared on the foundation’s website is that of Mandy, a mother who thought she was doing the best thing for her child by breastfeeding him, only to find out that it was actually starving him. Mandy decided to publicize her story in the hope that her experience would help other moms reach the best decision for their children.


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Connected by Fed Is Best, mothers from all over the world communicate with one another and share their experiences on Twitter


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Numerous parents related to Mandy’s story on the Fed Is Best website


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In the summer of 2016, Mandy gave birth to a son weighing six pounds and five ounces. In her blog post, she reveals  she had problems in getting her son to latch due to flat nipples, an issue she overcame with the help of a shield which assists with breastfeeding.

The shield seemed to help, but Mandy noticed that it would be full of milk after her son was fed. She also noticed that he wanted to eat frequently and seemed to always be unsettled, even during and after meals.


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Friends in mommy groups had told Mandy that what was happening was normal and he was just cluster feeding. Although by his one-week check -up the baby wasn’t back up to his birth weight, the pediatrician wasn’t concerned since the baby was still having wet and dirty diapers.


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At Mandy’s sons one-month appointment, the baby only weighed six pounds and five and a half ounces, meaning he only gained half an ounce in his first month. Mandy’s doctor suggested she see a lactation consultant.


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Mandy’s son only gained half an ounce in the first month since being born


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The lactation consultant weighed the baby, then Mandy fed him, and then they weighed him again. The results from the scale showed that Mandy’s son had only eaten 20ml in an hour-long feeding session.


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Mandy continued with this routine and her son continued to grow and thrive, but Mandy’s breast milk supply didn’t seem to increase. Not only that, whenever her son would nurse it would lead to “restlessness turned into full-on screaming.”

This is what she wanted everyone to know:


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Mandy says, “By his two-month appointment, he had more than doubled his weight and at 6 months he is back to being a happy, observant, content baby and so far meeting his milestones right on schedule.”


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The Fed Is Best Foundation is committed to helping mothers make the safest feeding choice for their babies.

They want to “prevent complications to babies that have become too common in today’s ‘Breast is Best’ world. Our motto above all else is Fed is Best.”


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There are now plenty of people and other organizations that are on board with The Fed Is Best Foundation.


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