Boyfriend Comes Up With Genius Idea To Sell Girlfriend's Used Car, Now Everyone Wants To Buy It

Boyfriend Comes Up With Genius Idea To Sell Girlfriend’s Used Car, Now Everyone Wants To Buy It


Selling a 21-year-old car is hella difficult, but you can tip the odds in your favor if you’re creative. Los Angeles-based writer and director Max Lanman did just that – the virtually impossible. Max came up with a clever and funny commercial to market his fiancé’s 1996 Honda Accord, and it gained more attention than a car like that could ever hope for.

Starting at $499, the car, nicknamed “Greenie” went on sale, BoredPanda reports. But the effects of the ingenious commercial announced themselves with a bang. After just five days the video accrued 4 million views, and the bidding had reached $150,000. This even forced eBay to close the listing due to “unusual bidding activity,” according to the company’s comment to NBC Bay Area.

“Apparently, someone in eBay’s fraud department, who was unaware of the ad and story behind it, could not believe that a 1996 Honda Accord was bidding for $150,000, and canceled the auction,” Lanman explained. He was also told that eBay could not restore the initial auction, so the pair had to re-list it – which they did.

“This was definitely an unexpected turn, but we have faith that everything will work itself out. Overall, we’re just so grateful for all that has happened with the commercial and the story. It’s been truly amazing,” he added.

The ’96 Honda has 141,095 miles on it, and according to vehicle valuation and automotive research company The Kelley Blue Book, the value of the vehicle is a mere $1,500. As of this moment, the current bid for it is $5,600. Amazing!

Curious how they achieved this? Scroll down to check out the brilliant video that started this crazy story, and sound off in the comments!

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The car, lovingly dubbed “Greenie,” is a ’96 Honda Accord

car 1

Source: Ebay

After 14 years, Carrie Hollenbeck decided it was time to sell her beloved car

car 2

Source: maxlanman

To help, her fiancé Max Lanman shot a brilliant commercial, and it went viral

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Unaware of the story, eBay canceled the bidding after it reached $150,000, citing fraud

car 3

Source: Ebay

eBay could not restore the initial auction, so they had to re-list it – which they did

car 4

The commercial was super fun, showing cute moments such as these:

cat 01

And clever car hacks like this one. Who wouldn’t, right?

cat 02

Not surprisingly, the internet loved their creative approach!

car 5

car 6

car 7

car 8

Would you like to have this car and how much would you pay for it?

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