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12 Signs That Your Body Is Calling For Your Attention And Possible Solutions


Our bodies are machines for happiness, but they can also be prisons of pain. In any case, they are incredible organisms that have to be maintained with the respect and attention they deserve, in order to always have them inclined towards the first possibility. In the opposite cases, our bodies will send signals for help, which need to be recognized and interpreted timely and in the right way. This text examines twelve such common cases and a possible solution to all of them.

1. Leg cramps

Waking up to a sharp, lasting pain that spreads down your leg is an unmistakable sign of cramps. Inadequate blood supply is the main cause, which is the result of your arteries being too narrow at the time. Another cause may be your spine being too compressed, usually as a result of walking for long periods of time. To prevent cramps from reoccurring, eat more potassium foods such as tomatoes, oranges and bananas and drink more water throughout the day.


Source: Heal Dove

2. Food cravings

You can reduce cravings by paying attention to certain aspects of your lifestyle. The body usually craves certain foods because it’s lacking in certain nutrients. To change this, stop buying processed foods and other salty snacks and start getting enough rest. Lack of sleep can lead to more stress, which in turn can lead to more craving for sweet and salty ingredients.


Source: Frequency Fitness

3. Dry skin

The main cause behind dry skin is the weather: for some skin types, it’s cold winters, while for others it’s humid summers. Soaps and detergents can also make certain skin types react harshly, causing dryness. The solution is to incorporate good fats into your diet: these include avocados, fish, nuts and seeds.


Source: Acne Einstein

4. Headaches

Headaches are daily companions to millions of people. It can be caused by a cold, infection or fever, or brought on by emotional stress, depression, lack of sleep, over-medication, and skipping meals. Avoiding environmental exposure is one solution; the other is keeping a list of all the foods that may trigger a headache, and replace them with magnesium-rich alternatives.


Source: Liver Doctor

5. Brittle nails

Among men, nail brittleness usually comes with aging, while there are other causes for women. Long-term nail polishing is one cause, but hormonal imbalance, depression, and a poor diet can all contribute to brittle nails. Consult a health practitioner so they can specify what nutrients your body is lacking and set you up on a proper diet.


6. Split hair ends

Split ends are almost invisible, but it’s not how they look, rather what they mean for your health. Using heated appliances such as blow-dryers and hair straighteners can dry out your hair. Chemically-filled hair dyes can also cause split ends. And last but not least, a lack of healthy fats such as fish and olive oil in your diet. The simple solutions are to use an organic hair dye, give yourself some time to air dry your hair and eat a better diet.


Source: coconutoilcooking.com

7. Bad breath

Bad breath is usually down to food. In cases of insufficient oral hygiene, broken-down particles begin to rot between the teeth and in the pockets of gums. Dry mouth is another cause – without saliva there is nothing to remove the particles. Lastly, oral infections such as gum disease or tooth decay are another cause. The best solutions are to eat more real foods and less processed ones, as well as constant dental hygiene practices: brushing, flossing and gargling with salt.

Source: baysidejournal.com

8. Bloating

A diet high on rich and fatty foods is one cause for bloating, as they take longer to digest. Another could be food sensitivity. You may also have low stomach acid, which can result in an improper breakdown of food. The simple solution is to eat fewer foods rich in fat; if nothing changes, make sure you examine your stomach and the gut flora.


Source: centergihealth.com

9. Fatigue

If you find that you’re constantly tired even after a good night’s sleep and your brain feels slow and sluggish, it can be the result of a nutritional imbalance. The best solution is to incorporate more natural ingredients and remove processed foods from your daily diet.


Source: Nadya Peche

10. Purple knuckles

If your knuckles look a bit swollen and purple, it could be a sign of dermatomyositis – an inflammation of underlying muscle tissue that results in the decline of collagen. This is sometimes associated with internal cancers and should be monitored closely. If it does not subside, see a practitioner immediately.


Source: 2shotsofgeek.com

11. Exercise pain

Although it might be true there is no gain without pain, feeling pain while you’re exercising shouldn’t be a regular thing. The reasons could be lack of stretching and warm-up or a pulled muscle, but the best solution is to stretch and rest your muscles for a couple of days and then see whether the pain subsides or comes back.


Source: buildingmuscle101.com

12. Irregular bowel movements

From time to time we all have irregular bowel movements. But if you’re constantly having fewer than three a week, it should be a concern. The cause could be medication being taken, too much fat in your diet and not enough nutrients. If this occurs, try adding strawberries, almonds and broccoli to your diet, as well as making sure that you’re drinking adequate amounts of water.


Source: verywell.com

* This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provider and is not meant to cover all possible uses, precautions, interactions or adverse effects. This information may not fit your specific health circumstances.


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