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Best Exercises For Losing Arm Fat In No Time!

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If you are sick and tired of your arm fat here is a great article that will help you solve your problem in no time! Lean, toned and defined arms are just behind the corner with this simple yet very effective exercise!


What Causes Arm Fat?


Mostly we tend to gain weight during puberty and that is a very difficult thing to get rid of. According to Teresse Alexander there can be a weight gain of ‘up to 15 pounds’ which ‘accumulates along upper arms, thighs, upper back, breasts, and hips.’

On the other hand, if you think your excess fat is down to your ‘slow metabolism’ we are going to disappoint you: that is not correct! According to the Mayo Clinic, our metabolism affects the wight as it deals with ‘the process by which your body converts what you eat and drink into energy’, but it certainly doesn’t control how much you are eating.

Thus, if you are trying to put in shape those arm muscles don’t blame it on the slow metabolism, blame it on your lifestyle! The only way to the perfect arm muscles is exercise and using more energy than you are taking  in eating.


What muscles are in our Upper Arms?

In the video below you will see three main muscles that are targeted for achieving toned arms;

  • Shoulders – The top of our arms, very next to our neck.
  • Biceps – The lower part of the shoulder, the top of our arm facing forwards.
  • Triceps – The lower part of biceps that is facing backwards.

For this exercise all you are going to need is a pair of weights! But if you don’t have them don’t worry! You can use any of these substitutions that you will find lying around at home.

Next step follow the instructions from the video for the perfect toned arms in only twelve minutes!

Tip: Don’t forget to stretch before exercising!

Source: XHIT Daily

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