A Certain Crazy Russian Hacker Has Some Band-Aid Hacks For You


Band-aids are a staple in our life. Every time we suffer from minor injuries, like scratches, we use a band aid to cover them to stop the bleeding.

I doubt you have ever asked yourself “Hang on a second, am I using band-aids correctly?”. But for the rare kind that have, CrazyRussianHacker has the answer for you.

aid 1

Apparently, the answer to that question seems to be a resounding no, as the 9 million subscriber-strong Russian genius proves to us.

So what is the correct way to use band aids? Allow us to demonstrate.

He starts off by cutting the band-aid so that it fits on your finger just a little bit better and more ergonomically

aid 2

aid 3

The next step is cutting the band-aid so that it covers the problem area, but still lets the rest of your finger breathe.

aid 4

And finally, it’s the hacker’s “ultimate band-aid” in my book.

aid 5

He advises not to purchase specially shaped band-aids, as they are basically the same size as rectangular ones, but don’t always do a good job of covering the surface area.

Check out the video below for a more detailed look at these band-aid hacks.

Source:CrazyRussianHacker , tiphero

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