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The Awkward Summer Issues Women Deal With But Rarely Discuss


Are you excited for summer? Warm days, hot sun, and many many ice creams are ahead, but so are awkward situations. Summer for women means that they have to deal with another set of complicated activities. Why not simple, when it can be complicated?  Here is a list of what women have to do to make it through a perfect summer and how they are managing these awkward battles.

1. Wearing a dress on a windy day

Walking around with your hands on your body is not something you want to do when wearing a dress. But, you have to.


Source: The Celebrity Dresses

2. When you get stuck to the chair while wearing shorts.

Many of you have experienced this awkward feeling of peeling yourself off the furniture. Painful.


Source: Tenor

3. Having a strange pattern of the chair engraved in your legs.

This one is so painful and makes your skin red.


Source: Twitter | @cat_astroph1c

4. Blisters

I shiver at the mention of the word blister. Summer means new shoes, and that means a new set of pain and blisters.


Source: Instagram | @emjade83

5. Two words: sandal straps!

I don’t know what’s is unstable, the strap or you, but it is anyway difficult to put up with.


Source: Twitter | @rollinwitdolans

6. Bikinis and their issues

Any busty girl knows the struggle of having to readjust constantly. Especially if you jump inside a pool.


Source: Busty Girl Comics

7. Bikini bottoms

These can literally slip off when a rough wave comes.



8. When your shorts escape your body.


Source: Instagram | @nainablabla

9. Worrying about your tampon string when wearing bikini or shorts.


Source: Giphy

10. Underboob sweat

Have you ever had this struggle? Imagine your clothes after you dry that off.


Source: Busty Girl Comics

11. Crotch sweat

When you are not sure if it’s your period coming or just another hot day.



12. Shaving above the knee

Well, winter is gone, and that means exposing your legs. You need to shave those legs.


Source: Twitter | @pirateDish

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