13 Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos That You Need To See


Let’s be honest. We all have a set of photos that we don’t want anyone to see. Prom photos, photos before our weight loss no one knows about, messy baby photos and so on. Well, let me tell you one thing, these celebrities certainly wouldn’t want their prom photos being seen by anyone. Unfortunately, all of you reading this are about to do just that.

13 Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos 1

Even Hollywood stars go to prom—and it’s awkward for them, too.

1. Will Ferrell

13 Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos 1

2. Taylor Swift

13 Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos 2

3. RuPaul

13 Awkward Celebrity Prom Photos 3

4. Michelle Obama



5. Matthew McConaughey


6. Kelly Slater


7. Jimmy Fallon



Yes, really, Jimmy Fallon went to two proms with what seem to be two different girls.

8. Jessica Alba


9. Brad Pitt


10. Beyoncé


11. Bethenny Frankel


12. Ellen Degeneres

Happy #PromTBT. Yes, this is real.

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Just goes to show that all celebrities had to go through awkward prom photos at some point. You probably shouldn’t feel like you’re the only one anymore.

Which of these celebrity prom photos was your favorite? Have you perhaps scoured the internet even more and found more of these photos? Let us know in the comments!


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