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If You Happen To Be An Astronomy Lover, You Need These Rings


If there are two things that still continue to amaze, excite and scare us a little they are the space and the ocean. There is something about them that intrigues you to know more. It’s probably because there are so many things that we don’t know and so many things to discover and if by chance you know anything about either of them, you are the coolest person ever. So, if you are an avid lover of astronomy and you need other ways to brag about it, these astronomy rings are just perfect for you.

Jewelry designer Inna Monastyrna has designed the coolest rings ever.


Source: Etsy | jamincjewelry

To make a stackable solar system, they come in a set of 9.


Source: Etsy | jamincjewelry

By wearing these rings, you will be always in the mood to explain the secrets of the universe. Also they look so elegant on the fingers!


Source: Etsy | jamincjewelry

To get your fingers on these rings, check out Inna’s Etsy page. We think they are adorable!


Source: Etsy | jamincjewelry

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