Smoking Hot Artists Dominated Jay-Z's Charity Concert

Smoking Hot Artists Dominated Jay-Z’s Charity Concert


By attracting today’s most popular artists to his charity concert Tuesday night, Jay-Z proved that he has still got the game.

Among the artists who attended the third annual Tidal X benefit concert were his wife Beyoncé, Cardi B, Jennifer Lopez and many others.

The humanitarian concert was held at Barclays Center in Brooklyn this month, and the funds were donated to help victims of the Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria last month in Florida, Texas, Puerto Rico and Mexico.

Apart from his greatest support, his wife Queen Bey, Jay-Z managed to get performers like Iggy Azalea, Chris Brown, Fabolous, T.I., Daddy Yankee, Remy Ma and Fat Joe. Actress Rosie Perez, 53, and Lin Manuel Miranda to attend the concert.


Queen Bey steals the spotlight, wearing a long green gown. Those statement earrings, though.


J-Lo certainly knows how to pose for a perfect paparazzi shot.


Despite being 48, she has always been a diva, always will be a diva.


Cardi B proves she still has the moves!


She certainly gave an energetic performance


And her outfit was pretty cool too!


Jay-Z, who owns the streaming platform where the concert was streamed also put on a good show.


Fabulous T.I. also made quite the statement with his outfit.


Just look at Remy Ma’s jacket!


Remy Ma and Fat Joe totally killed it

Also, Fat Joe is another one of those celebrities that just doesn’t age at all.


Daddy Yankee also made an appearance. Looks like he’s about to give a good show!


Iggy Azalea, stealing people’s attention with that long sleek ponytail.


Her outfit was something to behold as well. And would you just look at those earrings!


Joey Badass, rocking that outfit and that cash.


Vic Mensa, the popular Chicago rapper put it clearly: “When a sector of the community is in dire need, you have to help. I think people need to have that conversation with themselves, being that you have an administration in office that’s openly racist, sexist, Islamophobic, xenophobic—pretty much all -ists and -isms and –phobics you can be. That’s our duty to pick up the pace on our end because clearly justice is not going to be served.”-reports Vanity Fair.

Source: tmz, vanityfair

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