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Answer These 10 Questions To Find Out If You Are A Real Genius


Although intelligence can be measured in many different ways, including tests, you might have some traits that indeed make you a genius. Let’s be honest, you probably can’t score the same IQ as Einstein, but there is no harm in predicting how smart you are.

So, if you have ever wondered if you might secretly be a genius, here are some photos that could tell you.

1. Are the squares inside the blue and yellow squares of the same color?


Although they seem similar in a way, the squares are in fact of the same color. The difference you see is because of your eyes and your mind’s perception of colors.

2. Which diagram is longer?

Now, as you can see, the bottom line is longer. It actually looks longer, but you are in fact wrong.  In reality, both the lines are same in length. It’s just that the outside lines are making the things complicated to create the optical illusion.

3. How many planks are there?

As you can clearly see in the picture, there are three planks visible on one side, and four planks on the other side.
However, if you observe in with keen eyes, you will see the line in the middle. That’s why there are neither four nor three planks. In fact, there are none at all.

4. Can you find the mistake?

In this image, everything seems to be fine, but there is one slight mistake. It’s not in the numbers, though, but in the question. The word “THE” is written twice here.

5. Which is the top view?

In this image, you basically need to find which image is the top view of the diagram. The correct answer is “c”. In order to find the answer, you need to visualize the image and make sure all the colors match properly with each corner.

6. How many animals can you see?

The majority of the people will go with only four animals: an elephant, donkey, dog, and cat. But you are in fact wrong; however. This is a tricky one, because there are actually 16 animals in total.They are listed below.


7. Although both the images look similar in fact there are some differences. Can you locate them?

There are 5 differences all marked red in the image below.

8. How many legs does this elegant have?

At first glance, how many legs do you see? If you are guessing either five or four, then you are wrong here.
Actually, there is just one leg, which is the one at the back. All the other legs are the feet that have moved.

9. Out of choices 1-5 which is the top view of shape 6?

The correct answer is the choice number 4, which accurately matches the top view .

10. Say the name of the color written


Look at the names of the colors in the picture, and try to say the names of the colors rather than the actual word. For example, the first one says red, however, you need to say it blue. If you can complete the whole list in 20 seconds, then you have a highly developed brain. Be careful it’s not an easy task!

Watch the whole video below:

Source: Fewunknownfacts

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