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’90s lipstick shades are back — and prettier than ever


Hi ladies, we have some amazing news for you. Remember the biggest 90’s beauty trends? They are back. The dark, sexy lipstick shades are here with us. We are talking about your all time favorites: brick red, goth plum and beautiful raspberry colors. Your makeup bag needs them ASAP.

The thing is, how to wear them without looking like you just came out of a time machine? No need to worry about that.

Trend #1: Brick Red

So, this bold shade right here, just got more creamier which makes it really “in”. A perfect 90’s smokey eye look smudged by RiRi. gallery-1441748698-ghk-lipstick-brick

Trend #2: Goth Plum

For this one, the main key is to stick with a sheer or glossy formula like Chrissy Teigen. And then take it easy with the rest of your makeup. So, you need to apply two swipes of black mascara, and a sheer of blush, cool-toned to your cheeks.


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