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9 Reasons Why Having A Big Sister Is The Best Thing Ever


‘Family comes first’ is a well-known cliche, but how do you feel about this? When you think about it, you don’t see your family so often, but they are always number one on your list. And then there is the big sister. Those who have a big sister know what I’m talking about! They have been through it all. You may have fought when you were teenagers, but you can still call her your best friend.

She is there for you all the time and will be happy to put up with you for the rest of your lives. It’s like having a best friend who knows you better than anyone.


Your big sister is the greatest blessing. As a matter of fact, you’re totally unaware how lucky you are! She has seen you in diapers, carried you, and put up with all your tantrums and rarely reminds you about them. In a nutshell she’s a total sweetheart.

1. She’s always got your back

As a bigger sister, she has so many responsibilities, but you are one of her favorites! Big sisters are always there to protect you from everything, even your mom! Especially your mom!


2. She’s your day one best friend

Whether you wake up moody, or have a bad day, she’ll always be there for you. She will stay as long as it takes, because she has seen it all, from the dirty diapers, to all the tantrums, and dramas. You’ve got your unconditional-love bff for life!


3. She’s your key out of life’s difficulties


Your big sister has been through a lot of difficulties, so she is there for you as well. If you have some challenges, she will give you moral support and ensure that you have a happy life.

4. Between you and her, there are no boundaries!


Craziness pops up when you are having those special moments, like having deep conversations in the bathroom!

5. She has given you a sense of style


It is true that she will always be ahead of the fashion trends. Your sister has taught you everything about music, movies, and all the trending outfits.

6. She’s totally honest all the time


This used to bother you in the past, but now you just go for the most honest advice she can give you. She will always be honest with you, and it’s for this reason that you can count on her!

7. Her home is always open for you


Whenever you need a getaway, she can give you one, at her own place! Her home is always your home, and be sure that you can go visit her at anytime.

8. Big sisters therapy session is free and awesome!


If you have deep talks with your big sister, you’ll notice that everything she says is truly meaningful and helpful. And, plus, it’s free!

9. She’ll always be your go-to and favorite human


No matter what you do, your big sister will never leave you. They’re the best of the best! Love her and treasure her always!

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