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Seven Easy Messy Summer Hairstyles By Neriah Fisher


Do you know that summerish feeling of easiness and laziness that you feel in the air? Everything starts to remind you of the seaside, the beach, and the messy summer hair. And while you are scrolling down internet pages, let us show you an interesting way to style your hair this summer. It’s so simple that does not even require a comb. Hey, it’s summer and we like messy hair! No hairdryers, no curling irons, no hard feelings! Neriah Fisher is here to present you the easiest ways to rock your summer hair, and, trust me, you’ll look fabulous.

17-year-old Californian girl, Neriah Fisher, is a YouTube vlogger in love with fashion and beauty. Her self-titled channel has over 36,000 followers and you can find stuff like makeup tutorials, fashion haul, and cover songs, too. What can be better on a hot summer day than listening to this beautiful young voice and learning how to tame your wild hair? Neriah is also an excellent singer, starting off her career with her single Ride Away.

Here are her seven summer hairstyles:

1. Messy ponytail

summer 1

2. High messy bun/high ponytail

summer 2

3. The low twisted ponytail that turned into an elegant hairstyle.

summer 3

4. Easy and messy braid

summer 4

5. Space buns

summer 5

6. Go crazy with two high ponytails!

summer 6

7. High ponytail without hair on the side

summer 7

You can watch the whole video here:

Source:Neriah Fisher

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