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68-year-old Extreme Yoga Enthusiast Performs On Bike 300ft Above The Ground


How far can your mind go? It can go as far as you allow it to with your body. People who practice yoga are trying to express their truest selves by nurturing their body and mind. It is rare to see the right balance between the body and the mind, but some people have great control over their bodies by controlling their mind. Some also practice yoga to relieve back pain, or any kind of physical and emotional distress. But for some, it is a full adventure. This is true for this 68-year-old man, who can do extreme yoga poses on the edge of a cliff, and not feel afraid at all.

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Khiv Raj Gurjar, from Jodhpur in the Indian state of Rajasthan, performs these poses on a BMX bike. He does this while suspended over a deadly 300 foot drop. Some would call him crazy, but he is just another “extreme yoga” enthusiast. The pension-age talented man spends an hour each day running through up to 45 individual yoga poses on his bike. Does this man have fear at all?

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According to Khiv, the strength comes from your mind. You have to have a steady mind in order to perform this.

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He said: “When I balance and perform complex yoga postures on a cliff, I don’t feel fear or think that I will fall from this mountain. “I can do anything on this mountain. I don’t panic anymore.”

He started practicing yoga at the age of 12, but he was also a cyclist champion. Later on in his life, he decided to join the love for yoga and the love for his bike together. Nowadays, he teaches students to do the same thing he does. But, they are finding it a bit hard to reach that balance. His family is more concerned that something bad could happen, although he hasn’t had an injury over the past 20 years.

He has now become famous around his country and many people consider him a hero.

Here is a part of his story in the video below:

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