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5 Ab Misconceptions You Have To Forget



1. Only core workout

For beautiful toned abs you have to exercise. How are you exercising it the most important. Its wrong if you are focusing only for the core  You have to workout  your whole middle section to achieve the desired effect.  Bear in mind that if you were passive for a longer period and there is little more  belly fat than you like, it will take some time until you will be proud to show off your six pack. Be patient and workout regularly. Regular and balanced exercising is important not just for your abs but your whole body.


2.Anti carbs trend

Having balanced diet is important for all. It’s not just to lose belly fat, and  cutting on carbs is wrong.  The most important in every diet  is to cut the bad carbs and bad fats.  The good carbs are important for you to have energy. If you eat nuts, fruits and honey and cut the white sugar you will do well. Fast food has both, bad carbs and bad fats.   Make your meal colorful with lots of vegetables. Dark chocolate is awesome. The cocoa in it  can cocoa-fruitactually improve your metabolism and you body will use the belly fat as energy.


3.You workout and you don’t care about your diet

If you are one of those you believe that it doesn’t matter what you eat as long as you will workout hard, you are wrong. As we have already mentioned in order your body to have energy and burn fats you need to have balanced plan. Both are very important and if you like to have sculpted body  you should take care what you eat and how you exercise. We are what we eat. Wholegrain food contains a lots of fibers and good carbs that your body needs. Different fruits and vegetables are necessary to keep your metabolism active, they have good carbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Proteins are important for balanced diet and if you like to shape your muscles you should include fish in your meals, lean protein, nuts…Avocado is incredibly nutritious,  it lowers bad cholesterol and has a lot of heart- healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Be creative and make your plate colorful like rainbow.


4. If you are exercising your abs first you should know it’s wrong

You have to stop to workout this way definitely.  In order to tone your belly you should know that the muscles around it have to be strong as well.  Decide if you like to train your whole body or the focus will be on your core. If its the core than it’s ok to begin with ab exercises first and then to train the other parts of the body. This way you will spend more energy and time on your abdomen and concentrate on all of the areas of the core and you will have the desired effect. If you like to tone your whole body than start with your arms, legs and back firs and finish with your core. Spend equal time on every part.


5.Crunches only, for perfect abs

If crunches are the first exercise in your mind for sculpted abs you are probably wrong. Just crunches are not enough. Its the same as if you like to do just sit ups. You should include this two in the whole exercising list to shape your abs properly. Think about whole muscle groups and workout to tone each of of them. Plank is one of the important exercises you have to add on your workout list, it will build  isometric strength to and will sculpt your waistline. It will correct your posture as well. This is how you will have perfectly toned belly.



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