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4-Year-Old Girl Has The Perfect Response To A Classmate Who Calls Her ‘Ugly’


Bullying in schools is not a new issue. It has been going on for longer than society would like to admit, but the treatments are very different nowadays. Sadly, sometimes children get serious injuries after being bullied and physically attacked. It happens quite often that children behave in a mean way, but every once in a while, there are kids who will outsmart the ones who are mean to them for no reason. Four-year-old Siahj “Cici” Chase had the perfect response after a boy at her pre-school called her “ugly”. She has taught us a lesson, so be mindful of her story that her mother had shared on the Internet via a video.

The little girl, who hails from Nassau in the Bahamas, reveals that a classmate was mean to her at school earlier that day in a video posted by her mom Sonya. The cutie pie was minding her own business at pre-school when a little boy came up to her and told her she was ugly. And many children would probably cry or end up getting mad at a statement like this, but this girl is different. She’s got great self-confidence and self-respect. Here is the video where she explains about the event.

“A little boy said I look … ugly,” she says.

Her mom replies, “And what did you say?”

“I said, ‘I didn’t come here to make a fashion statement. I came here to learn, not look pretty,’ ” Cici claims in the video.

“The little boy said I look bad and I said, ‘Did you look in the mirror lately? Bye bye, see you later, you’re making me mad.’ ”

The girl’s mother, Sonya, likes to read Cici motivational books at bedtime to instill good values in her.

“She’s a very smart girl, she’s not your normal 4-year-old,” Sonya tells PEOPLE. “Her response was so mature, I couldn’t believe it!”

Sonya adds: “I feel good and happy.”

She also hopes that one day, she can create a platform that will inspire children to be able to deal with these kind of situations.

“I want to share what I’ve shared with Cici,” Sonya says. “I want to make kids feel like they can do anything and that it’s on the inside that matters.”

Here is the whole video below:

Source: Miss Green , sosharethis

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