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30 Killer Hacks That Will Turn Your Life Into A More Tolerable Mess


Life’s inconveniences are sometimes very easy to fix! As we have talked before, there are hacks for everyone, including the laziest cleaners as well. But, then, there are hacks that we all need on a daily basis when we need something that really works. These killer hacks might give you the Zen meaning of your life, starting today.


1. The panic when the toilet water slowly rises before overflowing.

You could stop that, for real! Turn the valve that connects to the toilet near the wall. It cuts the water flow.


Source:Coast to Coast Plumbing and Rooter

2. Whistle without using your hands

The video below goes over the perfect technique to master fingerless whistling. Good luck!

Source:Angelo Palermo

3. Get one over on that annoying kid at the elevator

Many elevators allow you deselect a floor with a double press only!


4. Wrap your valuables in a diaper when you visit the beach.

I don’t think anyone would want to investigate a dirty diaper.


Source:The Daily Ocean

5. Find your tire leak easily!

“Fill your tire full of air, take off your tire, and get some dish soap and water. Bubbles will develop wherever there is a leak,” wrote Reddit user markmyw0rds.


Source: Reddit | markmyw0rds

6. Rock that ladder climbing

Put a magnet in your shirt pocket so that screws or nails stay suspended for easy access.


Source: Reddit | Roryrooster

7. Floppy boots will no longer annoy you

Solve the issue with pool noodles!



8. One hack for the coffee addicts

Poke a hole in the top of your coffee cup to make that coffee flow. One that really works!



9. For the perfect circular fried egg, crack your egg into an onion ring.

You can later put these on a muffin!



10. Chill your wine without adding extra water from the ice

Throw some frozen grapes in there! Sounds like a tasty idea!


Source: Reddit | JessasaurusRex

11. Parents will be thankful…

“Add a little bit of lemon juice to sliced apples to keep them from turning brown. These apples were sliced yesterday,” wrote carbearnara on Reddit.


Source: Reddit | carbearnara

12. When thieves steal your registration sticker…

“After installing car registration sticker, score it with a razor blade to prevent thieves from stealing it,” wrote Ransacked.


Source: Reddit | Ransacked

13. Cold butter?

Instead of waiting forever for it to cool, use a cheese grater and get things started.



14. If you don’t have a cooler for your laptop, use this instead!

One option is to place your laptop on egg cartons to let those fans breathe.


Source: Reddit | Mehavesuperpowers

15. “When there is no gas pump trigger latch, and I don’t feel like holding the trigger down,” wrote Chaddcl0ps.

Holding down the trigger isn’t actually hard at all, but we appreciate the break.


Source: Reddit | Chaddcl0ps

16. The cheapest hack on this list, and the most useful one!

Instead of using those fancy paper holders, use one of those literal pants clip hangers.


Source: Reddit | SyedMehmeed

17. When you lose the cut end on a roll of tape.

Avoid this problem completely by placing a paper clip at the end, or a bread tag for smaller rolls.



18. When you prefer tea to coffee at work

“Stuff a teabag in the cup compartment of your Keurig. I expected it to make a mess; instead, perfectly-steeped tea in 10 seconds!” wrote robertgfthomas.


Source: Reddit | robertgfthomas

19. The nightmare of pouring juice out of a freshly-opened carton.

If you just flip the carton over with the spout on top, things become a lot smoother.


20. Unscrew a stripped screw easily.

Placing a rubber band on top of it helps provide some grip.


Source: Reddit | maverick__7

21. Use hooks for a brilliant idea at home

“My girlfriend devised a way to keep the plastic shopping bags we re-use as bin liners in place by using removable picture hooks,” wrote bobret.


Source: Reddit | bobret

22. Properly dispose of those dirty diapers.

“Diaper Genie Users: save the blue ring and use your own trash bags — we’ve saved a lot of money with this one!” wrote UncoolDad31.


Source: Reddit | UncoolDad31

23. Use a hair clip as an organizer

“My wife’s hair clip turned out to be an excellent charging cable organizer,” wrote aboustayyef.


Source: Reddit | aboustayyef

24. Moving-out hack

“If you’re moving, you can use this method to easily transport all the clothes that you hang,” says randomusefulbits.


Source: Reddit | randomusefulbits

25. Be prepared for your next holiday season without any stress!

“Slide a toilet paper roll over wrapping paper to keep it tidy,” wrote kantlivelong.


Source: Reddit | kantlivelong

26. Think twice before throwing away that last little sliver of a bar of soap

Put that pathetic little sliver on top of your new bar. And you’ve got no more wasted soap!


Source: Reddit | Ghenges

27. For the naughty squirrels

Hang a slinky from the top of your bird feeder pole so it’s impossible for them to make their way up.


28. Peel a peach like a pro!

@HOOOOJICHA posted this clip showing exactly where to place your thumbs before sliding the skin off. How satisfying is that to watch?

Source: Twitter | @HOOOOJICHA

29. This is a hack for all of those people about to spend hours hanging out in the back seat of a car.

The little space under the head rest is just perfect for holding a phone.


Source: Reddit | mcilikka

30. Adding a dumbbell to your carpet cleaner will boost performance!

Don’t use a heavy one, though!


Source: Reddit | gbullet

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