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27 life-saver beauty tricks


The following magical beauty tricks from hair to lashes, and nails are perfect for those who are eager to find an easy way to look more fresh and attractive.

1.Use less concealer for a natural look
The saying ‘less is more’ is the perfect one to follow when applying concealer. Covering the dark circles by putting more concealer instead of erasing them pops them out even more. When using one, a thin layer of a bright concealer should be applied which will even out the skin tone covering up just the necessary dark areas.


2. Drag the liner downwards for giving the eye a rounder look
Although cat eye is from all eternity considered as sexy, this new Korean trend shows that rounder eyes can be sexy too. Instead of flicking the eyeliner upwards try dragging it downwards in the direction of your cheekbone for getting the perfect rounder eye.


3.Useful makeup map
Master your makeup with this map which shows the name of each part of your eye making it easier to follow the tutorials for makeup.


4.Fixate the lipstick with a powder using a tissue
If you are one of those who are sick and tired of reapplying your lipstick throughout the day, this hack is just a perfect one for you! Fixate the lipstick using a translucent powder which you need to apply through a tissue.


5.Apply different face masks in order to get the best results
For maximizing the results of your skincare you need to customize your routine.
“Multi-masking is when multiple facial masks are used or layered simultaneously on the skin to combat different skin concerns at one time,” notes aesthetician Cecilia Wong based in New York.  For instance if you deal with an oily T-zone but dry cheeks, you might use a hydrating mask on the sides of your face and charcoal mask on your forehead, nose, and chin.


6.Mascara stamping for a fuller look of your lashes
An easy and efficient way to make your eyes look deeper without using an eyeliner is the so-called mascara stamping method. This method enables a fuller and darker look yet a natural one to your lashes. What you have to do is only press gently your mascara against the underside of the lashes and voila!


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