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20 Uses Of The Magic Eraser That Will Do Wonders At Home


Do you wish there was a magic wand that can clean your house in just one day? Because, no matter how hard you try, you are probably struggling with mess on a daily basis. If you have never heard of the Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser Sponge, you’ve been living on another planet! This one will literally save your life, because you can use it in so many ways you’d never imagine. Before you get started, the star of the video below, YouTuber Brittany with VasseurBeauty, suggests cutting up the sponges into thirds. Why using it all at once? Here are some of the many ways to use this wonderful product.

Before you start, you should also dampen it with a spray bottle of water, which will give you better control for scrubbing, and make the product last longer. Here are the 20 ways you can use this magic eraser.

1. Remove scuff marks from walls

eraser 1

This one is the most obvious one, but Britany advises you to use it on white or unpainted walls only, as it works the best in that way. If you really need to use it on painted walls, be careful and gentle, and that should do.

2. Sticker or sticker residue

eraser 2

For this one, feel free to use extra water if needed. It’s very easy and works wonders!

3. Remove scuff marks from tennis shoes

eraser 3

Remove scuff marks without having to put a lot of effort. Your shoes will look like new!

4. Remove tarnish on silver

ereser 1

Bring your silverware to life once again, but be careful not to scratch it too much and remove all of the shine.

5. Remove marks or stains from concrete

eraser 4

Works like magic.

6. Gets rid of ink from fingerprints


If your kid is a bit of a Picasso, this will save your life! It’s also a great solution because you won’t use chemicals and works surprisingly fast.

7. For deodorant stains

eraser 5

The annoying stains will soon be gone forever in less than 15 seconds.

8. For powder on clothing

eraser 6

We have all experienced this when putting makeup on, but wearing our favorite dress. With this magic eraser, all of your problems will soon be gone.

9. It will clean your dirty keyboard

eraser 2

Make sure to be gentle with it, though!

10. Clean different parts of your car

eraser 7

This includes grease stuck between your wheels or your dirty steering wheel, only to mention a few.

11. Banish stains on Tupperware

eraser 8

We all know that Tupperware is one of the handiest tools a home chef can have. But, it can also be super difficult to clean. With this one, it will shine like new once again in no time!

12. Clean stainless steel appliances

eraser 9

Be careful with this one and you will get the results you want.

13. Takes scuffs off of leather


Is this one of your shoes nightmare? No problem! You can now lightly scour away those surface abrasions with your trusty Magic Eraser—no polish required!

14. Use it for bathroom mirrors

eraser 10

This will help you prevent them from fogging up!

15. Remove hard water stains in the bathroom

eraser 11

This one is a tough one, so make sure to scrub well.

16. Clean off your baseboard

eraser 12

Can you believe this one works magic?

17. Remove nail polish from any surfaces

eraser 13

Without any chemicals!

18. Remove crayon

eraser 14

Finally, all the crayon mess will be gone!

19. Remove sharpie marker

eraser 15

Interestingly, you can really remove it from an erase board. It disappears in seconds! When it comes to walls, it doesn’t quite work that well.

20. Removing stains from clothes

eraser 16

YouTuber Brittany tested this on several stains, but it didn’t seem to work, so you better not use it for big stains on your clothes.

Here is the whole video:

Source: VasseurBeauty

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