18 People That Are Trying Their Best To Think Positive


It’s not the easiest thing in the world to stay positive. Who knows, you may be going through a tough period in your life. Of course, some people are very good at hiding their bad feelings, but sometimes, no matter how tough the situation may be, you just have to stay tough and keep going, and not show any signs of weakness.

And sometimes, like this time, we’re just joking about optimism and how the slightest hint of it can ma.ke you go through the day

Here are 18 examples of people who are definitely trying their best to stay positive.

1. Do the math

18 People That Are Trying Their Best To Think Positive 1

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2. Well, I guess it works

18 People That Are Trying Their Best To Think Positive 2

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3. Supporting roadkill


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4. The T-Rex is not doing a good job of staying positive, but the human is


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5. I used to be happy


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6. True


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7. I made a mistake with this type of mindset too one time. Not a good idea, guys


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8. This is how you keep yourself mature, and also your job.


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9. Why spend money on fixing that dent when you can do this?


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10. I guess the hair heard that music is good for the soul


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11. Be like that dog, people!


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12. Before adding Ray Bans and a mustache – coolness level: 0

After adding Ray Bans and a mustache coolness level: uncountable


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13. Balloons always means someone’s happy


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14. So cool.


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15. Oh, no


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16. Makeshift super moon


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17. He’s scared for dear life


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18. The most fun way to fall off a building


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