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16 Wedding Gowns For Having A Disney-Inspired Wedding Of Your Dreams


Some girls have big dreams for their weddings, and big dreams mean wearing the special dream-come-true dress. For some, it means a non-traditional dress like the ones found here, for some it’s the princess-looking one. Many ladies wish to have the Ariel or Elsa looks, but sometimes, it is so hard to find the right dress! Growing up and watching Disney movies makes many girls dream of having a Disney wedding. If you dream of walking down the aisle in a Disney dress, here are some brilliant ideas to get you started.

1. Rapunzel

How about wearing a cape instead of a veil? This dress looks perfect.


Source:alfred angelo

2. Rapunzel, part two

This might be the perfect gown for an outdoor wedding. Flowers everywhere!


Source: tumblr | lacewings

3. Tiana inspiration

This dress also comes in white, but the green is such a pretty shade!


Source:alfred angelo

4. This one was inspired by Tiana as well

Does it remind you of Ariel’s wedding gown, though?


Source:Disney Weddings

5. Tiana is such an inspiration for wedding dresses!

The design of this Tiana dress is very similar to the movie. If the ribbons were green, it would be a perfect match!


Source:Martha Stewart Weddings

6. Cinderella

If you want the most princess-like wedding, chose this perfect dress.


Source: alfred angelo

7. Elsa

Such a lovely shade!


Source:alfred angelo

8. Snow White

Here is something different from the rest. It also comes in white, but the red is so beautiful!


Source:alfred angelo

9. Princess Aurora

Look at that color! Pink wins over blue.

Source:Disney Weddings

10. Princess Aurora, part two

There is a modern take on her classic sleeves.


Source: tumblr | the-princess-parlour

11. Princess Aurora, part three

This is a classic one, and absolutely perfect.


Source: tumblr | wonderfulworldofdisneyweddings

12. Here comes Ariel

The details on this mermaid gown are more than perfect.


Source: polyvore

13. Merida

This might be the perfect dress for a Celtic wedding.


Source: tumblr | wonderfulworldofdisneyweddings

14. Jasmine

Get ready for a ride down the aisle on a magic carpet!


Source: tumblr | anythingaladdin

15. Belle

Shiny and detailed to perfection.


Source:alfred angelo

16. Belle again

This Belle-inspired dress is only $250 USD!


Source: Eric Dress

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