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How To Organize Your Bathroom, Laundry And Closet


We think that organizing our home needs a lot of work, but actually what it  needs is creativity. Keeping everything in it’s place is such a pleasure for everyone but especially for your eyes. The best way to do that is to encourage everyone and make it easy for them to put things back in their spots. So if you need some help or inspiration you can simply scroll down. Enjoy.

1. A good way to never lose your tweezers

You need to attach a magnet inside your bathroom cabinet so you can stick your tweezers there. Awesome.

2. Or a magnetic rod for all your hygiene tools


Magnets are really cheap and also take less space than other fixtures. They can help you organize your stuff and make it easier for you to find them.

3. Organizing your hair tools

At the backside of your bathroom cabinet, screw different sizes of PVC so you can slide in your hair tools.

4. Or maybe a magazine rack


If there are no PVC pipes, then you can simply use a magazine rack.

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